Stress Free Travelling

Happily, you are in the right place to find out about stress-free travel.

We don’t want stress when we travel. Let’s face it, if you are flying for business or for pleasure, the last thing we want or need is a load of unnecessary hassle on our journey!  So, how do we reduce stress? First of all, make sure you use APH to sort out your airport parking. And please remember that the APH website is as close to a one-stop-shop as you can get. Travel insurance, car hire for when you arrive at your destination, hotel bookings (that’s why it is called Airport Parking and Hotels!) Executive lounges (at a rather non-executive price) a Travel Cash service, Truphone Local Anywhere, attraction tickets sorted out for you, taxis arranged at your destination and airport transfers dealt with for you, should you require these.

There are other measures that will ensure you have peace of mind and can enjoy stress-free travel before you leave for the airport. Make sure milk and papers are cancelled. Arrange for post to be held at your nearest Royal Mail depot whilst you are on holiday, if you are going for an extended period of time. Use automatic timer switches on some lights in your house to make it look as if someone is in. You can also have a radio controlled by a timer switch, too. You can ask a neighbour, a friend or a relation to check on the house and close and open curtains morning and night – and water and feed plants and pets, too!

Make certain that you plan ahead. Ensure you know where tickets, boarding passes and passports are and also make certain that your car is serviced so it will be less likely to let you down on the way to the airport. No point booking your airport car parking and a nice pre-flight stay in one of our airport hotels if your car can’t get you there!

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