Councils are earning £1.5billion a year through parking – is your local authority one of the top ten cashing in?

Councils across England are earning £1.5billion a year through parking – with two-thirds coming from parking fines alone.   

The five councils with the highest income from parking are all situated in London Image credit:salimfadhley’s Flirckstream.

The report, from the RAC, has found that council driver-related revenues have increased by four per cent in 2015/16 on the year before.

The total income from on-street tickets and permits totalled £483m, a further £338m came from on-street parking charges and a massive £682m came from off-street charges and penalties, such as car park fines.

The five councils with the highest revenue were, unsurprisingly, all situated in London. Westminster took the top spot with £76.4 million and were followed by Kensington and Chelsea (£46.1m), Camden (£38.1m), Hammersmith and Fulham (£35.6m), and Wandsworth (£30.4m).

What councils are making the most from parking outside of London?

Outside of London, Brighton and Hove Council has made the most money with £28.7million, followed by Nottingham city council with £20.9m and Birmingham city council with £18.3m.

Overall, English councils outside London raked in £906million, a five per cent increase on 2014-2015.

On- and off-street parking income: Top 20 English councils outside London

Authority Parking income
Brighton and Hove £28.7million
Nottingham £20.9million
Birmingham £18.3million
Bristol £16.5million
Cornwall £15.7million
Manchester £15.5million
Newcastle £15.1million
Milton Keynes £13.8million
Guildford £12.1million
Leeds £11.2million
Colchester £10.5million
Bath and North East Somerset £10.5million
Cambridge £10.4million
Bournemouth £9.9million
Norwich £9.2million
Liverpool £8.8million
Southampton £8.6million
Canterbury £8.5million
Woking £8.4million
Portsmouth £8.3million

Councils with the largest increases in parking income included Bristol (up 22 per cent) and Milton Keynes (up 16 per cent).

On the other hand, some councils saw a decline in their income from parking charges; Manchester and Birmingham saw a decrease of four per cent on the previous year while Leeds saw a decrease of 12 per cent.

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