General Election 2015: How to vote if you’re going to be abroad on May 7

Register now to allow someone to vote for you while you’re away… register now and don’t miss the deadline.

You must register before our countdown clock hits zero.

Countdown to Proxy Vote deadline

You can register to place your vote using the following method – but don’t hang around, the clock is counting down for those planning to swap polls for pools. Here’s what you need to do.

How to vote by proxy: Act now, the deadline is just days away

Here’s your easy-to-follow guide to voting while on holiday…

What it is it:

What it is it: This where you can ask someone else to place your vote for you if you’re unable to do so – if you are lying on a beach sipping cocktails, for instance.

Who can request one:

Who can request one: Anyone. However, the person you choose to vote for you must be 18+.

Are you eligible to apply for a proxy vote:

Are you eligible to apply for a proxy vote: The way we register to vote in England, Scotland and Wales changed last year, so if you want to vote by proxy you must be registered under the new system. You can no longer register to vote in the elections on May 7. The deadline for registration was Monday 20 April.

How to request a proxy vote:

How to request a proxy vote: Provided you’re registered, simply click on the following link, download and complete all sections. This is for a one-off request for a single election.

Download the form here

Now what:

Now what: You must now post the form to your local Electoral Registration Officer – or deliver by hand if there’s no time to send by mail – by the deadline stated below.

Address to post or hand deliver your form:

DEADLINE: The deadline to apply to vote by proxy for England, Scotland and Wales is:

5pm on Tuesday 28, April.

Please note: Deadline has passed for Northern Ireland

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