Why Book Glasgow Airport Long Stay Weekend Parking

If you're gearing up for a weekend getaway and require a cost-effective and safe place to park your car, Glasgow Airport Long Stay Weekend Parking is an excellent choice. This secure parking area offers a self-park service, ensuring that only you will have access to your vehicle. Furthermore, it is conveniently located within the airport grounds and provides a quick and complimentary transfer bus service to the terminal, making it a convenient option for weekend travellers.

Car Park Features

  • Top-rated by customers
  • On-airport
  • Frequency 10 minutes
  • Transfer time 5 minutes
  • 24-hour operation
  • Keep keys
  • Toilets
  • Nearby fuel sales
  • Disabled facilities
  • Assisted loading if requested
  • Bus transfer
  • Self-park

When it comes to selecting parking options at Glasgow Airport, convenience and efficiency are the top priorities for travellers. The Long Stay Car Park, one of the on-airport parking facilities, is situated just one mile away from the terminal. This advantageous location enables the complimentary transfer bus service to whisk passengers to the terminal in a mere 2 to 5 minutes, ensuring a seamless and time-saving experience.

This outstanding car park has been recognised for its excellent security standards, earning the esteemed Park Mark award. With CCTV surveillance, round-the-clock staff, secure fencing, and controlled entry barriers, your car will be in safe hands. Security is of utmost importance, especially when leaving your vehicle parked for a long time.

The car park also has toilets for customers to use ahead of taking their transfer to the airport, which is a great benefit for families who may have been travelling for some time to reach the facility. 

As a self-park service, you are in control of where and how your car is parked and keep your keys. All you need to do when you arrive is drive up to the barrier where your number plate will be automatically recognised. Take a ticket and find a parking space. All that’s left is to grab your luggage and catch the next transfer bus. They run every 10-minutes 24-hours a day, so you’ll be at the airport in no time. When you return from your trip, you take the transfer bus from the terminal to the car park where you will find your car exactly where you left it.


  • 24-hour staff
  • Barrier-controlled
  • Security fencing
  • CCTV
  • Park Mark Award (Police Approved)

When you’re leaving your car behind, you need to know that it’s secure and safe so you can focus on enjoying your trip. This peace of mind is precisely what you’ll get from the Long Stay Car Park at Glasgow Airport. It features a barrier-controlled entry and exit point which will automatically recognise pre-booked cars. The car park is surrounded by security fencing and floodlighting as well as 24-hour CCTV. If all that wasn’t enough, the car park is also patrolled and monitored 24-hours a day by staff. You’ll have your keys on you at all times, so nobody but you will be driving the car, which can be a big advantage for some travellers.

Transfers to and from Glasgow International Airport

Transfers operate 24 hours a day and run every ten minutes. These take roughly five minutes to reach the departure terminal, depending on the time of day.

Disabled Facilities

Assisted loading is available if requested. This means that if you or anyone in your group needs extra help with your parking, unloading or loading of your luggage, you can rest assured that a friendly member of staff will be available to help. 

Opening Times

The Long Stay Parking at Glasgow Airport is open all year round and 24-hours a day, so you can arrive when it’s most convenient for you. Free transfer buses run from the car park to the terminal (and back again) every 10-minutes 24-hours a day.

Additional Information

Trailers are not permitted in this car park.

If you overstay your booking period, you'll be liable for an additional charge. This will be the full 24 hour roll up tariff rate, for any overstay period for up to 24 hours. For any additional 24 hour periods entered, an additional 24 hour roll up tariff will be liable for each, in increments of 24 hours. It can be paid either at the Customer Service Office before returning to your vehicle, or at the exit barrier with your credit card. 

Arrival Procedure

Upon arrival to the car park:

  1. At the Entry Barrier, your number plate will be read and a ticket will be issued automatically.
  2. If no ticket is issued, please press for assistance.
  3. Please keep your ticket safe as youll need this on exit. 

Please ensure you allow sufficient time park your vehicle and complete the airport transfer.

Return Procedure

On return to Glasgow Airport:

  1. At the Exit Barrier, please insert your ticket so we can validate your booking.
  2. The barrier will raise.
  3. If you have overstayed your booking, your additional charge will be displayed, which youll need to pay. 
  4. If the barrier does not raise, please press for assistance.