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APH Compares The Latest Ski Safety Equipment

With a fresh flurry of winter sport enthusiasts looking for alternative activities, such as split boarding, cross-country touring and freestyling in the snow park, the traditional ski holiday is swiftly becoming more of a pick ‘n’ mix of cold weather…

APH compares seat space on aircraft

According to recent research by air intelligence company OAG, airlines are now fitting between 7% – 8% more seats into their aircraft than they were initially design to carry*, potentially leading to a reduction in personal space on board. To…

APH Compares New Ways To Fly High

Fancy swapping economy class for a spacious leather seat in a luxury-laden private jet? Find out how you can follow the likes of Kim Kardashian by joining the private jet-set – at prices that don’t necessarily require an A-lister’s bank…