Holiday packing tips and interactive lists

Don’t let the unpleasantries of holiday packing spoil your upcoming break… we’re here to help. From tips to info on hand luggage restrictions and the chance of winning a luxury meet and greet parking package, we’re packing it all in here.

Our top 20 packing tips…

We'll help you pack with our top 20 tips

We’ll help you pack with our top 20 tips

Here are our packing tips to help ease the strain as you prepare to jet off…

Check out the latest airport security regs: All your expert packing could come tumbling down around you if you’ve neglected to read the latest airport security regulations. Having your bag pulled apart to remove banned items is only going to end badly. Read the latest security restrictions right here.

Don’t put wrapped goods in cases: Spending hours intricately wrapping gifts could be a counterproductive waste of time. If your case is inspected, it’ll be ripped apart and is unlikely to receive the same love and attention from the overworked security officer when he/she puts it back together.

These shoes are made for packing: Don’t waste any space; stuff your shoes with rolled up socks, or anything else that will fit.

Don’t downsize: Buying travel-size toiletries to beat security rules is a pricey and pointless exercise. It’s unlikely you’ll need to brush your teeth, take a shower or have a shave during that 3-hour flight to Spain, so pack your full-size toiletries in the hold and save yourself the 600% mark-up that applies to some such packs.

Jet-set packing: It’s the ultimate packing tip. Simply send your case full of clothes to posh launderers and drycleaners Blossom and Browne and they’ll wash them fold them and pack a case that’s befitting of the ‘By Royal Appointment’ honours that embellish its website. Click here to get a personalised quote.

Keep it locked: Any bags you check in should always have a lock. If the case isn’t secured, it could invalidate your insurance should anything decide to jump out and change its travel plans.

Pack your medication: If you’re taking medication, stash enough in your hand luggage for two days – just in case there are unforeseen delays. Pack the rest in the hold and, once again, add a few extra just in case. Remember, you are allowed to take more than a 100ml of essential medicine through security and into the cabin, but you should get a letter from your doc to back this up. Finally, make sure you keep medicines and pills in their original packing, as this will help avoid problems with security checks.

Get the facts straight: Don’t start packing until you know exactly what weight you’re aiming to achieve. Most airlines have different baggage restrictions, so check your booking confirmation or head to the carrier’s website to ensure you know your enemy. Getting this wrong could result in wasted space – or crippling excess charges.

Pack the plastic: Don’t ignore the choice plastic when packing your wallet. From credit cards and debit cars to cash passports, there’s a good and bad option for all your holiday purchases. Read our guide here, then get packin’ the plastic that’s right for you.

Pack an emergency meal: Going on a self-catering holiday, then you might want to pack an emergency meal to keep you going until you can make it to the nearest supermarket. This will help you avoid minimarts in the resort with their rip-off prices. Here’s our easy-to-pack emergency meal…


Save weight with your case: Don’t waste a large chunk of your weight limit by packing your gear in an ancient suitcase formed from reinforced concrete. Invest in the future by getting yourself a lightweight case that’ll mean you can use your allowance for what it was intended.

Don’t pack too much: Once upon-a-time, it was important that you packed your own supply of HP Sauce and Heinz Ketchup etc, however, nowadays it’s even possible to buy Marmite, real teabags, baby food and toiletries in countries other than Blighty.

Edit your reading list: Holidays are a great time to catch up on your reading, but a pile of books will munch valuable space and weight, so the time has come to donate your paper to charity and get yourself an e-reader. You don’t need to spend a fortune, with Nooks available from £30 and basic Kindles from £49. Get more information here

Prevent bottles leaking: Finding your clothes soaked by leaking liquids can result in a less than stress-free start to your hols. Avoid unhappiness by removing lids, covering the neck in cling film then replacing the tops. No more leaks.

Order your baggage allowance online: We all know that various airlines charge for your luggage, so when booking space from carriers such as easyJet and Ryanair, make sure you reserve space online because it will be considerably cheaper than paying at the check-in desk.

Keep a trace on your smalls: Using a service such as Calluma lets you rapidly trace your luggage should it go missing. Tag&Track provides you with special tags that will keep an eye on your bag’s location. The service costs £14.95 but could save a lot more in stress and spoiled holiday time. Get the full lowdown here.

Don’t ‘weight’ until you get to the airport: Returning from holiday with a few extras in your bag? Don’t just cross your fingers and hope for the best at check-in, make sure you always travel with a set of handy luggage scales. Make sure you get a lightweight option such as these digital scales

Send your luggage ahead: Getting someone else to deal with your bags might sound like a great idea as you’re destroying your ankles on sharp cornered cases while attempting to negotiate your way from car to check-in desk. Firms such as Luggage Mule will do all the donkey work for you – ensuring your bags make their own way to your destination. Get your quote from Luggage Mule here.

Get the kids involved: Dragging a suitcase used to be something that kids avoided like double maths homework, but that was before Trunki hit the scene. Employ the magical powers of this mysterious plastic beast to mesmerise kids and cut the amount of lugging you’ll be required to complete yourself. Make the experience even more immersive and irresistible to the kids by letting them design their very own personalised Trunki. Get them designing here.

Look the business: Travelling on business? Roll a belt inside the collar of your packed shirt to keep it the shirt looking sharp.

Win! meet and greet parking…

Meet and greet offers the ultimate airport parking experience

Meet and greet offers the ultimate airport parking experience

There’s no better way to help ease the strain of carrying bulky luggage than meet and greet parking. Simply drive straight to the airport and head to the check-in desk and bag drop without having to negotiate public transport or the car park transfer bus.

How to win a VIP meet and greet parking service
If you’d like to experience the ultimate parking solution and cut the amount of time spent in the company of bulky bags, just tell us what you never leave behind when you pack your holiday case and we’ll pick the best to receive a free meet and greet parking service at your UK airport of choice. T&Cs apply.

Tell us your answers in the comments section at the bottom of this page. Don’t worry if they don’t show immediately, we push publish them as soon as possible, but your entry will count as long as it’s before the date below.

Entries close Midday Monday 1st June

Click here to read full terms and condtions
Entries close Midday Monday 1st June Terms & Conditions: By entering our competition you agree to all the terms and conditions of the prize draw below.
1. The prize promotion is open to all UK residents, except APH employees (and their families).
2. Entries up until midday Monday 1st June 2015 will be considered for the competition.
3. One winner will be selected from all entries after midday on 1st June 2015. The winner drawn will win one week’s Meet & Greet parking
4. The free Meet & Greet parking prize is for a stay for one vehicle for up to seven days at an airport of your choice for stays up until 31st May 2016. The winner will need to pay for any additional days after the first seven days.
5. No substitutions and no equivalent cash value are offered.
6. Winners are solely responsible for all expenses not specified in the prize description including those associated incidental expenses associated with claiming the prize.
7. Winners will be notified by email as soon as possible after the competition draw.
8. Winners names will be published and the winners may be required to participate in publicity.
9. Winners of the competition agree that neither APH nor its employees or any sponsors shall have any liability in connection with the acceptance or use of any of the prizes awarded herein.

Take hand luggage – save cash and time

Don't get caught out with how much hand luggage you can take

Don’t get caught out with too much hand luggage: image credit

So, you’ve followed our packing tips and saved acres of space in your suitcase – so why not go one step further and see if you can fit all your luggage in hand baggage, alone? This will save you paying to check-in suitcases with many airlines and it’ll also ensure you’re able to dodge luggage belt queues and get straight to the front of the hire car desk queue. Airlines have varying rules for ‘cabin’ luggage, so maximise your space by checking our guide here. Information correct at time of writing.

Here’s the must-have hand luggage information you need to drive your packing strategy…

Find your airline here: Hand luggage revealed

British Airways

From 18 August, BA will be reducing the size of the handbag/laptop-sized hand bag and updating some of its procedures. These changes are designed to ‘help to speed up the boarding process and ensure the aircraft are ready to depart on time’.The maximum size of the handbag/laptop bag is being reduced to 40cm x 30cm x 15cm (16in x 12in x 6in). The size of the additional cabin bag remains unchanged and should be no larger than 56cm x 45cm x 25cm (22in x 18in x 10in). Both bags can weigh up to 23kgs (51lb) each.

Read the full guide to British Airways cabin baggage here

Passengers flying with easyJet can expect to be subjected to a strict one-bag policy. The bag must be no larger than 50x40x20cm including wheels and handles. In addition to this single bag, passengers are permitted to bring on board an item such as a coat, crutches, or standard airport-issued bag of duty free goods. Infants don’t get a hand luggage allowance, so any food and other essentials must be carried within the accompanying adult’s hand luggage.
Read the full guide to easyJet cabin baggage here

Just Fly passengers are entitled to carry one item of cabin bag on board Flybe’s aircrafts. The maximum permitted dimensions, including the bag’s handles and wheels for your cabin bag item are 55 x 40 x 23cm and it should not exceed 10kg in weight.

Flybe operates various levels of allowances, so check the full information below.
Read the full guide to Flybe cabin baggage here

Jet 2

Passengers heading off on Jet 2 services will be allowed one item of hand luggage that must not be larger than 56x45x25cm including handles and wheels. There is no allowance for extras such as separate laptop cases. Additionally, on busy flights, some hand luggage will need to be carried in the hold. While this will be free, it will cause delays for anyone who’s attempting to travel with just the one bag – so make sure you’re at the front of the check-in queue. Parents should also be aware that buggies will need to be carried in the hold.
Read the full guide to Jet 2 cabin baggage here


Flying with Monarch, then you can either opt for one piece of hand luggage that’s no bigger than 58x40x25cm along with one small duty free bag of goods from the airport, or two pieces of hand luggage that combined don’t exceed the 56x40x25cm limit. Regardless of which option, the total weight must be no more than 10kg on scheduled services. Check with the airline at time of booking for hand luggage weigh allowance on charter flights.

Read the full guide to Monarch cabin baggage here


This airline permits passengers to board with one main piece of luggage along with a smaller bag such as a laptop-style case. The main bag must weigh less than 10kg. There’s no allowance for infants aged 8 days to 28 months, but an accompanying passenger can bring a baby bag weighing up to 5kg in addition to their own allowance. It’s also worth noting that just 90 large cabin bags will be allowed in the cabin, so turn up early if you want to boost your chances. Excess bags will be loaded in the hold for free, but it will mean hanging around at the other end.
Read the full guide to Ryanair cabin baggage here

Thomas Cook
TC will allow its passengers to board with one piece of hand luggage weighing up to 6kg, along with one smaller item from a list of options including coats, handbags, cameras, food for infants and walking sticks. Kids are allowed to bring on Trunki cases – but its weight must not exceed 6kg or it’ll be loaded in the hold.
Read the full guide to Thomas Cook cabin baggage here

The staff at Thomson will enforce a strict policy of one cabin bag that weighs no more than 5kg per passenger, with a maximum size of 55x40x20cm. However, selected flights do allow a weight limit of not more than 7kg… you’ll be advised of this before you fly so don’t pack extra just in case. Additional items such as laptops and handbags must fit in your single item of hand luggage.
Read the full guide to Thomson cabin baggage here

Virgin Atlantic
The headline figure here is that Virgin Atlantic will allow you to carry on one piece of hand luggage that can weigh up to 10kg and be no larger than 23x36x56cm. In addition to this main bag, passengers can also carry a hand bag or pocket bag. It’s also okay to come with a coat, umbrella or walking stick, camera or binoculars. The airline also permits a ‘reasonable amount’ of reading material. Anyone wanting to take a laptop will need to pack it in their main cabin bag (or load in the hold) because a separate case is not permitted. Passengers travelling with infants or children can bring a fully collapsible pushchair and car seat, in addition to their free check in luggage allowance. This must be able to fit in overhead lockers.
Read the full guide to Virgin Atlantic cabin baggage here

Interactive holiday checklists

Forget the scrappy bit of paper... we've the list solution you need

Forget the scrappy bit of paper… we’ve the list solution you need

Help yourself to avoid the need for last-minute holiday shopping with our interactive packing lists. We’ve lists for documents, clothing, baby, toiletries and hand luggage.

Don’t worry… our lists remember your selections, so you can come back and check-off items as and when you pack them. Simply open the selections below.

Documents and essentials




Hand luggage

Hand luggage

Best packing and luggage gadgets

Get the gadgets to make your travels a whole lot smoother

Get the gadgets to make your travels a whole lot smoother

Here’s our selection of the best bags, trackers and other packing-related gadgets to help make your holiday packing a whole lot easier…

Click here to see our selection of packing gadgets

Bluesmart Carry-on… smart luggage: If you’re after a suitcase that does more than simply carry your clothes, this Bluesmart offering could prove to be the ultimate accessory. There’s a proximity checker to warn if it goes walkies at the airport, while a location tracker will inform you where your smalls have decided to holiday if you’re left staring at an empty luggage belt. There are no comedy padlocks involved either, the secure lock can be controlled by your smartphone – and automatically clamps shut if you, or the bag part company. Its features don’t end there, either; the case also packs an integrated battery capable of charging your tablet or phone six times over. The Bluesmart also has an in-house set of scales to tell you how much it weighs simply by picking it off the ground – with the weight displayed on the accompanying smartphone app. Finally, the suitcase also delivers real-time reports with trends and data from your trips, including miles travelled, airports visited, time spent in each country, and more through the Bluesmart app.
Verdict: If you want a suitcase that really works hard for you, there can’t be a better solution than this. From security to charging and beating excess weight charges, it has it covered. Pre-order now and expect it to ship in August.
How much: £200 (approx.)

Never lose that bag again

Never lose that bag again

AMPL Lab SmartBag Anyone who’s ever experienced the terror of a smartphone or tablet dying mid-journey will appreciate the brilliance of this SmartBag. Why smart? Because it simultaneously charges up to six phones, tablets, laptops or just about any device you can throw at it. The accompanying app will keep you up to date with real-time info on how much electrical juice the bag is packing, while also allowing you to adjust charging priorities to the connected devices. There’s also a function to help you locate the bag should it go for a wander. It’s available later this year and has already bagged the CES International 2015 Portable Power Award and a CES International 2015 Computer Accessories Award.
How much: Reserve yours for £167 (approx.) Shipping starts later this year

A really smart bag

A really smart bag

Luggage Scooters: It’s the suitcase that does the work for you. Yes, despite your flight departing from a gate that’s closer to your destination airport than the one you’re flying from, this scooter suitcase will have you speeding through the departure lounge and ready to board as the hordes are still dragging their bags past Gate 499. You might get a few strange looks, but you certainly won’t be getting blisters. A must-have baggage gadget for 2014. See the Luggage Scooter in action here…

How much: £249.95
Find out more:

Motor Bike Suitcase: We could be promoting a mods and rockers-type showdown in the departure lounge here. If the scooter case is a little underpowered for you, then why not choose to up the octane stakes with this Motor Bike Suitcase? It’s an electric-powered, all-terrain motorbike-like suitcase that packs more than your pants and socks. It’s fully functional and can be driven on all types of surfaces – either interior or exterior. Please observe local traffic regulations and always wear a crash helmet while riding your suitcase. See it in action here.

How much: £2,500
Find out more:

The case that's a motorbike...

The case that’s a motorbike…

Bluetrack GPS luggage trackers: Losing your luggage is never going to get your hols off to the best start, but having the ability to instantly locate your errant underwear etc will help ease the pain. This is where Bluetrack’s GPS tracker steps up to the plate. Simply pop the device – the world’s smallest unit, according to the manufacturer – into your luggage and track it in (almost) real-time pretty much anywhere in the world. It can be operated from your smartphone, too, so you can locate your bags direct from the empty luggage carousel at your destination airport. It’s one of the most user-friendly devices on the market with no fiddly set-up required. The battery can last up to 220 hours. Buy tracking packages of 1 month, 3 months, 6 months, or 12 months from as little as £35.

How much: From £125 for the tracker unit.
Find out more:

Luggage Tracker

Keep a track on your luggage wherever it is

Pack the fridge… for your return

Don’t forget to pack your fridge with a delivery of fresh food to help make your return home a little less depressing. Use our guide to supermarket delivery services  and book yours.

Delivery charges
It’s only natural that supermarkets will charge for delivering your food, but that doesn’t mean you can’t beat the charges or simply weigh them up against the aggravation of heading to the supermarket and banging trollies after a 10-hour flight back from the US. Here’s how much you can expect to pay to dodge the aisles and have your food delivered for you.


Asda has a minimum order limit of £25.00 and charges range between £3.00 and £5.50. The cheapest time slots are Monday to Thursday – and you can place your order up to three weeks in advance of delivery.

See if Asda deliver to your home address here


Delivery slots will cost £1.00, £3.00, or £5.00 depending on whether your one-hour slot is during peak, off-peak, or standard hours. Morrisons has a limited coverage at present and you have to register before finding out if your area is covered.


The online supermarket has a minimum order value of £40. Charges vary depending on delivery address, the day and time of your chosen slot and the value of your order. If your order is less than £75, it may be subject to slightly higher delivery charges. Equally, if your order is over £75 you may be offered free delivery at certain times. The cheapest slots are generally in the evening from 9pm and in the morning from 6am-7am. Ocado says delivery cost depends on the time and your location, but can range from £0-£6.99.

You’ll need to get yourself an account to see if Ocado delivers in your area. Head to Ocado here.


There is a £25 minimum order value on all orders. Those over £40 will be charged a delivery fee of between £1.00 and £6.00. Orders under £40 will be charged a maximum delivery fee of £6.95. There is no delivery charge for orders over £100 booked for delivery on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday after 2pm.

Check if Sainsbury’s deliver to your area here


This supermarket charges £1.00-£6.00 with its cheapest delivery slots Tuesday to Friday. The £1.00 delivery slots are available at selected times only and subject to availability when you spend £25.00. A £4.00 minimum basket charge applies to all orders under £25.00.
Check to see if the supermarket delivers to your area.


Waitrose is the only one of the major supermarkets to offer free delivery across all its delivery slots, but you will need to spend at least £60.00 per shop. There is no option available for shops of less than £60.00.
Find out if Waitrose delivers to your house by entering your postcode on the homepage

Best and worst places to collect your bags…

The dreaded empty luggage belt

The dreaded empty luggage belt

Flying back to the UK after a sun-soaked sojourn or epic adventure in the mountains is never the most exciting prospect, but hanging around in a crowded baggage reclaim hall is sure to make the experience decidedly less enduring. Here are the best and worst UK airports for making you hang around for you bag…

Shortest baggage waiting timesLongest baggage waiting times

  1. Manchester Airport – 16 minutes 15 secs
  2. Birmingham Airport – 17 minutes 49 secs
  3. London City Airport – 18 minutes 13 secs
  4. East Midlands Airport – 18 minutes 52 secs
  5. Aberdeen Airport – 19 minutes 33 secs

  1. London Gatwick Airport – 33 minutes 21 secs
  2. Edinburgh Airport – 31 minutes 47 secs
  3. London Heathrow Airport – 29 minutes 29 secs
  4. Liverpool John Lennon Airport – 28 minutes 51 secs
  5. Bristol Airport – 27 minutes 02 secs

Non-suitcase checklist

'Did you remember to turn the cooker off darling?' Our essential guide to what needs doing before you head to Gatwick Airport

‘You did remember to turn off the oven, didn’t you darling?’

Your suitcase might be packed and ready to hit the holiday highway, but don’t forget to check out this list of tasks and issues that might need addressing before you set your sat-nav for the airport.

Essential checklist: Read this before you set off

Airport parking: Don’t ever forget to pre-book your parking. Turning up on the day without a booking will see the airport’s car park take a seriously greedy chomp out of your holiday budget. Get the best prices by booking ahead with APH.
Get your airport parking here  

Passport check: Ideally you would do this around two months before travel, but if you’ve left it late and found your passport is about to expire then calm down, take a deep breath and read our ‘Passport Panic’ guide to fast-tracking your application.
Read our passport panic feature here 

Download your airline’s app: This will save you time and help dodge airport queues by checking-in and downloading your boarding passes to a mobile phone.
Download your airline app here

Book a pre-flight hotel: Early flights needn’t fill you with despair… simply book a pre-flight stop-over at one of the great hotels near Gatwick Airport.
Choose your hotel here 

Pets: Fido and Barry the cat won’t be happy that you’re heading on holiday, so make sure you’ve organised reliable cover to take care of them while you’re away. Alternatively, join the thousands of pet-crazy Brits who are taking their significant animals on holiday with them.
Read our guide to taking pets abroad

Jabs and health: Pay a visit to your doc and discuss vaccinations and any other pre-existing medical conditions that could affect your travel plans.
Read our guide to health gadgets and apps

Don’t tell the world: Taking to Facebook and boasting about your upcoming trip to the world famous instant noodle packaging museum in Japan (yes, really) will not only result in social exclusion, but quite possibly a visit from the local housebreaker. Save your social media assault for when you return home.

Cancel deliveries: With Amazon deliveries replacing milk bottles as a visual clue to your absence, don’t forget to schedule your parcels around holiday dates.

Tell the neighbours: Providing you don’t live next door to a convicted housebreaker, let your neighbours know that you’ll be going away – they’ll help keep an eye on your property.

Check your data roaming options: Most companies will offer good deals, so make sure you’re in control of your mobile data charges by purchasing a plan before you leave.
We’ve all the information you need here

Sort your car hire: Don’t leave car hire until you arrive – this could end up adding hundreds to your bill. Book it before you travel.
Here’s our guide to saving hire-car cash 

Get an EHIC: If you’re travelling to Europe, you should take a European Health Insurance Card (EHIC)
Apply for one here

Leave your heating on low: Avoid burst pipes in freezing conditions by leaving your heating on low while you’re away.

Go like a pro…

Now that you’ve packed your bags, you don’t want to be damaging your ankles as you negotiate the train or airport transfer bus. Simply book yourself one of the many meet and greet services offered by Drive straight to the airport, unload your bags and head straight to the check-in desks as a fully insured chauffeur parks your car in a secure car park for the duration of your trip. He’ll even meet you on your return, so lugging bags will become a thing of the past.

Get your meet and greet parking quote here

Get someone else to take the strain

You don't need to do all the work... you're on holiday

You don’t need to do all the work… you’re on holiday

If the idea of lugging fat suitcases around the world’s airport is about as attractive as a week’s back packing to Chernobyl, why not let someone else take care of it instead. You’ll have to pay for the privilege, but you’ll gain a big return on your investment when it comes to cutting stress levels and enjoying your trip.

Find out all the information you need about luggage forwarding companies that’ll make sure you bags make their own way to your destination…

Baggage forwarding companies here

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    Never leave without your soul mate

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    i always take my solar charger for kindle so i can read whilst on my sun bed and its harging up at the same time,what a clever idea

  3. Linda Jones
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    I have a red teddy bear given to me many years ago by my best friend of fifty years, and it goes everywhere with me. I am 62!

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    I never leave behind my husband, someone has to carry the suitcases. Love him dearly though.

  5. Jane
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    The most useful thing, that I never leave behind, is an extension lead. There’s always so much to charge up in the evening after a busy day, and so few plug sockets, I like to keep all electricals together so they’re easy to find when packing the rucksack again the next morning.

  6. ann kelly
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    I always take a photo of family I’ve left behind and my medication

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    What I would pack and make sure I didn’t forget, is my aloe Vera drink that I try to have each day, as I believe it is slowing down my cancer reoccurence, I have already managed to keep the chemo at bay for 9 months, by keeping too fit and healthy! Apart from this it would be the normal of kindle and iPad!

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    We always pack a small bottle of 30 ml fairy washing up liquid which will last a week or more on our self catering holidays

  15. Tracy McCloskey
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    I never leave behind my travel kettle, it’s surprising how many hotels abroad don’t supply these, and you can’t beat a cuppa first thing in the morning to start your day off to a good start.

  16. Janette Bryan
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    Never leave home without passport, money, credit card and husband

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    Never leave the wife behind because she will have all the documents, passports and money,including your wallet.
    Us Men always forget these things as we are too busy loading the car for the airport and being knagged at about stopping the milk and newspapers as well as making sure everything is switched off except a light to warn off unwanted visitors while your away.

  19. Denise Tyas
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    We always pack some portable scales so we can weigh our cases before we leave for the airport on our return journey. This avoids repacking at the airport, having to offload items or pay for the excess.

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    I always pack my swimsuit! You never know where you will end up!

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    I never leave behind my underwears!!! :-)

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    Passports, tickets and parking vouchers are always at the top of our list, but next in line is my ipad. Even if there’s no wi-fi, i can read my books, take pictures, play a few games and even watch catch-up TV on the plane … ideal for those long-haul flights!

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    My paperwhite kindle – I used to take a pile of books, worried that I wouldn’t have enough, and then couldn’t read them at the hotel because the lighting was so poor. I now carry hundreds of books weighing less than a paperback, and it’s backlit, so I can read anywhere. Wonderful.

    May 26, 2015 at 5:16 pm

    I always pack a fire/carbon monoxide alarm with battery. Think safety first for me…

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    I never leave behind my patience and sense of humour when I go on holiday.

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    Unless I am going on a cruise I always pack my telescopic fishing rod

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    Medictations, always take a few days more of your medications than you are actually going to need, you only need to be delayed, as lots were with the volcanic ash, and you are desperately trying to find a doctor.

  33. Louise Walker
    May 26, 2015 at 12:12 pm

    Our only essentials are remembered as ‘PMT’ – passport, money & tickets! Generally everything else can be purchased at destination or airport!

  34. nicola murphy
    May 26, 2015 at 12:03 pm

    What you never leave behind when you head on holiday……….. when we go on holiday you NEVER leave behind the passport …………………………

  35. Elaine Williams
    May 26, 2015 at 10:51 am

    Ice cube bags for the essential G&T with ice!

  36. Jacki Hall
    May 26, 2015 at 10:18 am

    What you never leave behind when you head on holiday…. we never leave behind our pillows :-)

    they squash down in the top of our suitcases, don’t weigh much but they are needed especially in the self catering holidays in Greece that we go to. We have been taking them for about 10 years now and I would rather go without extra shoes than my soft comfy pillow.

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