Airports of the Future


Airports are already becoming experiences in themselves, with the world’s best airports striving to offer the most pioneering ways to kill pre-flight boredom; from beautiful gardens and entertainment centres, to rooftop pools and even golf courses. But what could they offer in the future?

In a follow-up project to Future of Flight, APH envisions the airport of tomorrow - together with Ryan Ghee, editor of Future Travel Experience, who kindly offered his views on where this exciting new technology will take us.

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Beverley Barden, Head of Marketing at APH says: "First and foremost, airport innovation is focussed on offering efficiency; travellers are looking for a remarkable experience before they’ve even boarded the plane, and the simplicity of the check-in process is paramount to achieving this. Self-service and biometric identification will be the cornerstones of streamlining our journeys through the airport, leaving more time to enjoy the leisure and retail services on offer.”

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Ryan Ghee, Editor of Future Travel Experience comments; “Various industry forecasts point to a sharp increase in the number of air travellers in the coming years and in many cases these travellers will have access to a far more seamless and intuitive travel experience. At Aruba Airport the “Happy Flow” project has made use of facial recognition technology to remove the need for passengers to present their boarding pass and passport at multiple stages of the journey.

"Many airports feel like shopping malls today but the more forward-thinking are going a step further and looking at how they can ensure everything – from the architecture and the food and beverage offer, to the ambience of the terminal and the activities on offer – reflects the destination itself."



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