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Airport Parking and Hotels Limited ("APH") Standard Terms and Conditions for Airport Parking, Airport Hotels and Airport Lounges.

Booking an APH Car Park

If you need to amend or cancel your APH booking please email admin@a2bairportparking.com ensuring you have your email address, postcode and booking reference to hand. Please check all booking details on receipt of confirmation. APH and A2Bairportparking.com cannot be held responsible if clients do not advise any amendments required. For cancellations please include your booking reference number and address details. For booking amendments please include your reference number and details of required changes.

Cancellations/Amendments Procedure

Airport Parking and Hotels Limited (APH )
Terms and Conditions
Your legal rights are not affected.

  1. Cancelling a booking

    1.1 All Cancellations must be made by email to admin@a2bairportparking.com).

    1.2 Cancellations or amendments cannot be accepted if you book a Supersaver or Non-Flexible parking product.
  1. APH responsibilities

    2.1 APH will accept legal responsibility for death or personal injury if it is caused by their or their employees' negligence.

    2.2 APH will accept legal responsibility for damage to the paintwork or bodywork of your vehicle if you can prove that it was caused by APH. You will not have to prove this if you have a vehicle inspection report (see condition 4.1.5) prepared and the damage is not recorded on it. You agree to APH carrying out repairs to the vehicle if we believe the damage was caused during the parking period.
  1. Exclusion and limits of our responsibility
  2. 3.1 APH will not accept legal responsibility for the following

    3.1.1 Loss or damage covered by your own insurance.

    3.1.2 Personal property left in the vehicle or coach or left unattended at any time.

    3.1.3 Transport delays between the car park and the airport caused by traffic congestion, coach breakdown or any other cause beyond APH’s control.

    3.1.4 Loss arising from a stolen or mislaid receipt or ticket for the vehicle.

    3.1.5 Loss of or damage to the vehicle arising from mechanical or electrical failure, self-locking, pollution, terrorism, natural disaster, damage by vandals, criminal activity and other matters outside APH’s control.

    3.1.6 Any indirect loss as a result of damage or loss to the vehicle (such as loss of earnings).

    3.1.7 Delay in making the vehicle available for collection if this is before the end of the parking period.

    3.1.8 APH will not pay more than £25,000 for loss of or damage to the vehicle.

    3.2 Liability is accepted where such theft, loss or damage arises through the negligence or breach of contract by APH

  1. Your responsibilities
  2. 4.1 Vehicle condition

    4.1.1 APH may photograph or video the vehicle when you enter and leave the car park and after damage is reported. We will report any fraudulent claims to the police.

    4.1.2 You must make sure that, at the beginning and end of the parking period, the vehicle is in a legal and roadworthy condition for driving on public roads. You must not leave any dangerous, toxic or illegal substances in the vehicle.

    4.1.3 If at the end of the parking period the vehicle will not start, APH may move the vehicle to a return bay. If you ask, and accept the risk, one of APH’s employees will make one attempt to start the vehicle using an anti-surge starter pack. If you still need help to start the vehicle, you will need to contact a breakdown company. You will have to pay any costs involved. If your vehicle does not start, you must arrange for it to be removed from the car park within 24 hours of the end of the parking period. After this time APH will charge you the daily parking charge.

    4.1.4 You must not tow the vehicle into the car park or carry out any work or clean the vehicle in the car park.

    4.1.5 The conditions below apply to standard parking.

    • You must inspect the vehicle and report any damage to APH on a report form before driving out of the car park at the end of the parking period.
    • If you ask and pay a £5 charge locally, APH will inspect the paintwork and bodywork and record any damage before you park the vehicle (the vehicle inspection report).
    • You must let APH know about any vehicle immobiliser, automatic security feature or modification to the vehicle (including any for disabled use) that might affect how it handles or operates.
    • You must check the driver's seat and the mirror positions (which may have been moved) when you reclaim the vehicle.

    4.2 Check-in time

    4.2.1 Transport between the car park and the airport leaves regularly. You are responsible for arriving at the car park in good time (at least one hour before the airline's recommended check-in time) so you can arrive at the airport check-in desk by the airline's recommended check-in time.

  1. Reclaiming the vehicle and lost receipts
  2. 5.1 You must produce the receipt or ticket APH provided when you reclaim the vehicle. If you lose the receipt, or ticket, APH will need proof of your and the vehicle owner's identity and APH may make other enquiries they think are reasonable. Failure to produce the receipt or ticket will delay your departure.

    5.2 If you realise that the receipt or ticket has been lost or stolen, you should let APH know immediately and send APH a fax or email with your name and address. This should tell APH not to release the vehicle until you return.

    5.3 If you reclaim your vehicle before the end of the parking period, you will have to pay the parking fee for the whole parking period.

    5.4 You must give APH at least six hours' notice to make the vehicle available for you to collect before the last day of the parking period.

    5.5 APH may refuse to return your keys to you if they believe either that you are not fit to drive or that the vehicle is not in a legal or roadworthy condition.

  1. Disabilities
  2. 6.1 If you have a disability and need special help, facilities or transport, please let APH know by calling the car park.

    6.2 APH will take all reasonable steps to meet your needs if you have a disability.

  1. Vehicle security
  2. 7.1 You must leave your car keys at the car park. If you do not do this, APH may move the vehicle in any way they can and will not be legally responsible for any damage caused.

    7.2 When you arrive at the car park, APH will tell you whether to leave the vehicle locked or unlocked and where to leave the keys.

    7.3 Leave any alarms and immobilisers off as they may drain the battery.

    7.4 No manual security devices, such as crook-locks must be used.

    7.5 Do not leave any house or other keys on your car key ring or in the vehicle.

  1. Safety in the car park
  2. 8.1 Drive slowly and carefully in the car park and follow the directional signs.

    8.2 Car parks can be dangerous. After parking, go to the reception or nearest exit. These are signposted. Do not wander about the car park. Keep a careful eye on your children and do not allow them to play in the car park.

  1. Transport to and from airport
  2. 9.1 You should not get on a coach if you cannot find a seat or if there are no more standing places available. The maximum number of passengers will be displayed in the coach.

    9.2 Children under the age of eight must be seated and with an adult.

    9.3 You cannot bring animals on the coach unless APH and the driver agree.

    9.4 Do not place luggage and personal belongings in the aisles or standing areas.

    9.5 The driver may refuse to help you load heavy luggage.

    9.6 The driver is responsible for the safety of the coach. The driver may ask any passenger he believes to be a danger or potential danger to the coach or its passengers to leave the coach or prevent him boarding.

  1. Moving the vehicle
  2. 10.1 APH will keep the vehicle in one of their car parks. You agree to APH driving the vehicle within and between car parks.

  1. Complaints procedure
  2. All complaints to be emailed to customerservices@a2bairportparking.com

Booking with a Third Party Service Provider

Standard Terms and Conditions ("the Conditions") For Car Parks other than those owned by APH, Airport Hotels and Airport Lounges
This is a legal document which contains contractual provisions. Your Statutory Rights are not affected.

  1. Bookings
  2. 1.1 Bookings through the A2Bairportparking.com website are deemed to be made when validated by the issue of an APH booking reference number, {which is printed on your Car Parking Voucher}.

    1.2 All services are subject to availability.

  1. APH'S Liability
  2. 2.1 APH acts as booking agent only for the service provider and is only liable to the customer for losses directly arising from its negligence in processing a booking.

  1. Service Providers Terms & Conditions
  2. 3.1 All bookings are accepted subject to the service providers current terms and conditions. A copy of the service providers terms and conditions are available on request.

    3.2 So far as not inconsistent with the service providers terms and conditions.

    3.2.1 at Third Party car parks and car parks at hotels, cars are parked at their owner's risk.

    3.2.2 the service provider accepts no responsibility or liability for any theft loss or damage to any personal property or loose items left within a vehicle whilst it is parked.

    3.2.3 the service provider does not accept any responsibility or liability for any damage to the windscreen or any other glass in the customer's vehicle.

    3.2.4 the customer shall inspect his vehicle and report any damage to the service provider prior to departure from the car park.

    3.2.5 the service provider accepts no liability for loss or damage unless and to the extent it is proved to be caused by the negligence of the service provider.

  1. Customer Service
  2. 4.1 Any claims for loss or damage to vehicles or in relation to the quality of the service provided should be made to the service provider. APH will on request provide contact details of the service provider.

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