Frequently Asked Questions

How am I charged for the parking at the hotel?

When you get a quote for an airport hotel and parking package, the hotels displayed will either offer parking for an specified time period (4, 8 or 15 days) which should cover the duration of your trip, or parking which covers the exact duration of your trip.

What will the cost be for extra days parking?

If you need to stay longer than the duration included in the package you have booked you will need to pay for any extra days directly to the hotel or the car park.

Where will my car be parked whilst I am away?

Car parking arrangements depend on which airport hotel you book, but your car will generally be parked either on site at the hotel, at an off site location selected by the hotel or at an airport car park selected by APH.

What if I want to book a hotel room for the end of my trip?

APH can easily arrange that for you, simply call us on 01342 859442 and one of our call centre operators will be happy to help you book your airport hotel.

What are Mystery Hotels?

Occasionally APH is able to negotiate some specially discounted rates at hotels, however we are not able to tell you which hotel it is until you have completed your booking. You can be assured that the hotel will be as described (i.e. a 3 or 4 star hotel) located near the airport you have selected. The Mystery Hotels are non-amendable, non-refundable and cannot be cancelled.

What is the Advanced Purchase Rate?

Some hotels offer an advanced purchased rate, which offers a discount for those booking at least a few weeks in advance of their arrival at the hotel. If you are looking to book this product you should be aware that you can not amend or cancel any hotel booked under the advanced purchase rate and they are non refundable.

How often are there transfers to the airport?

Transfer arrangements vary by hotel; you will need to look in the more information section for the hotel to get an idea of what transfer arrangements have been made for the hotel you are interested in. If the hotel has been packaged with an Airport car park selected by APH then transfers will provided by the car parks and are likely to be more frequent than those offered by the Hotel.

Cost of transfers to the airport?

Transfers vary in cost. Some hotels offer a complimentary shuttle to and from the hotel and others charge a small fee approximately £3.00 - £4.00. Please look into the more information section on your chosen hotel for more details. If the hotel has been packaged with an Airport car park selected by APH then transfers will be included in the package price.

Why is breakfast not included in my package?

As a large number of people using airport hotels take early morning flights and do not require breakfast therefore most hotels do not include breakfast in their packages, to save you money.

What is the cost and availability of breakfast?

Where breakfast is not included in the package it can usually be purchased directly from the hotel. Costs vary for each hotel so please check the more information section of your chosen hotel. As airport hotels are aware that guests sometimes catch very early flights some hotels offer an early grab and run breakfast option, please check you chosen hotel for their breakfast times and options.

What ages of children are allowed in family rooms?

APH work with many branded and unbranded chain hotels which have different policies regarding ages of children in family rooms - but in general the family rooms will allow children up to 16 years of age. If you are unsure please call our call centre on 01342 859442 and we will be happy to advise which hotels best suit your requirements.

Are cots available for use in double rooms?

Most hotels can provide a cot in a double room however some hotels do have restrictions depending on the size of rooms available. If you require further assistance in finding the hotel that best suits your needs please call our call centre.

What is the configuration of beds in family rooms?

This depends on the Hotel. In general family rooms will have a double bed and then a number of single beds depending on the size required. APH has negotiated fantastic room rates for families including rooms for 3, 4 5 6 or even 7 in a family! Please contact APH for further information.

Can adults share family rooms, i.e. 3 or 4 adults in a family room?

In general family rooms require adults and children to be sharing. If your party requires more than two adults to share a room then some hotels will allow this, or have triple of quad rooms available, Please contact our call centre if you are unsure and we will be happy to help you find the right hotel.

If you have any other questions not answered here please email us at or call our call centre on 01342 859442.