Heathrow terminal survival guide

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As British Airways takes over Heathrow Terminal Five, and Terminal Two gets ready for a major overhaul, which flights go from which terminal is becoming a confusing issue. So we have compiled information to help travellers know where to go once they reach the airport. Welcome to the Heathrow terminal survival guide!


Timeline of changes to departures at Heathrow Terminals

Terminal One:

Date Airline Change
10 June United Airlines and Air New Zealand Move into Terminal One from Terminal Three
10 June New Star Alliance Lounge scheduled to open in Terminal 1
November 2008 Star Alliance carriers To transfer from T2 to T1


Terminal Two

Date Airline Change
Late 2008 Building work to start on T2 to create Heathrow East
2012 Heathrow East opens. Star Alliance carriers located in T3 will transfer to the Terminal


Terminal Three

Date Airline Change
17th September BA Flights move from T1 to T3
Finnair Flights move from T1 to T3
Iberia Transfers flights from T2 to T3
Early 2009 BA To transfer Bangkok, Singapore and Sydney flights to T3 from T4
Qantas To move all flights from T4 to T3


Terminal Four

Date Airline Change
Early 2009 Aeroflot To move into T4
Air France To move into T4
Alitalia To move into T4
China Southern Airlines To move into T4
Korean Air To move into T4


Terminal Five

Date Airline Change
June British Airways Another 20% of flights move into T5


Which Heathrow terminal do I fly from?

Getting a BA flight from Heathrow?
Look up your destination in this table to find your departure terminal at Heathrow.

Destination Terminal Change
Aberdeen Terminal 5
Abu Dhabi Terminal 4
Abuja Terminal 4
Accra Terminal 4
Algiers Terminal 5
Amsterdam Terminal 5
Athens Terminal 5
Bahrain Terminal 4
Baltimore Terminal 4
Bangalore Terminal 4
Bangkok Terminal 4 Move to Terminal 3 early 09
Barcelona Terminal 1 Move to Terminal 3 on 17th September
Basel Terminal 5
Beijing Terminal 4
Belgrade Terminal 5
Berlin Terminal 5
Boston Terminal 4
Brussels Terminal 5
Bucharest Terminal 5
Budapest Terminal 5
Buenos Airies Terminal 4
Cairo Terminal 4
Calcutta Terminal 4
Calgary Terminal 4
Cape Town Terminal 4
Chennai Terminal 4
Chicago (Hare) Terminal 4
Copenhagen Terminal 5
Dacca Terminal 4
Dallas/Fort Worth Terminal 4
Dar-Es-Salaam Terminal 4
Delhi Terminal 4
Denver Terminal 4
Detroit Terminal 4
Doha Terminal 4
Dubai Terminal 4
Dusseldorf Terminal 5
Edinburgh Terminal 5
Entebbe Terminal 4
Frankfurt Terminal 5
Geneva Terminal 5
Glasgow Terminal 5
Grand Cayman Terminal 4
Hamburg Terminal 5
Helsinki Terminal 1 Move to Terminal 3 on 17th September
Hong Kong Terminal 5
Houston Terminal 4
Islamabad Terminal 4
Istanbul Terminal 5
Johannesburg Terminal 5
Kiev Terminal 5
Kuwait Terminal 4
Lagos Terminal 4
Larnaca Terminal 5
Lisbon Terminal 1 Move to Terminal 3 on 17th September
Los Angeles Terminal 5
Luanda Terminal 4
Lusaka Terminal 4
Lyon Terminal 5
Madrid Terminal 1 Move to Terminal 3 on 17th September
Malaga Terminal 5
Manchester Terminal 5
Mauritius Terminal 4
Mexico City Terminal 4
Miami Terminal 5  
Milan (Linate) Terminal 5  
Milan (Malpensa) Terminal 5
Montreal Terminal 4
Moscow Terminal 5
Mumbai Terminal 4
Munich Terminal 5
Muscat Terminal 4
Nairobi Terminal 4
Nassau Terminal 4
New York (JFK) Terminal 4
New York (Newark) Terminal 4
Newcastle Terminal 5
Nice Terminal 1 Move to Terminal 3 on 17th September
Oslo Terminal 5
Paris (CDG) Terminal 5
Philadelphia Terminal 4
Phoenix Terminal 4
Prague Terminal 5
Providenciales Terminal 4
Rio De Janeiro Terminal 4
Rome (Fiumicino) Terminal 5
San Francisco Terminal 5
Sao Paulo Terminal 4
Seattle (Tacoma) Terminal 4
Shanghai Terminal 4
Singapore Terminal 4 Move to Terminal 3 early 09
Sofia Terminal 5
St Petersburg Terminal 5
Stockholm (Arlanda) Terminal 5
Stuttgart Terminal 5
Sydney Terminal 4 Move to Terminal 3 early 09
Tel Aviv Terminal 4
Tokyo Terminal 5
Toronto Terminal 4
Tripoli Terminal 5
Vancouver Terminal 5
Washington Terminal 4
Zurich Terminal 5

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