Time for the moustaches to go

With the end of ‘Movember’ it’s time to say farewell to the moustaches that have sprouted on the APH buses at Gatwick, Manchester and Birmingham. We hope they brought a smile to your face and helped raise awareness of health issues affecting men.

Goodbye moustaches…

Want to know why our buses have grown moustaches...

Want to know why our buses have grown moustaches…

The moustaches were just our small contribution to help raise awareness of health issues affecting men, such as prostate cancer, testicular cancer and poor mental health.

Here at APH we are also proud to support the University of Southampton’s £25 million appeal to fund a world-leading Centre for Cancer Immunology – which is why we’re happy to highlight other campaigns such as Movember.

Birmingham do their bit to promote awareness

Our buses at Birmingham do their bit to promote awareness

The groundbreaking work at the University of Southampton is already producing amazing results as it helps develop treatments that encourage the human body to attack cancerous cells – offering hope for men, women and children suffering from the disease.

Click below to read a little more about life-saving research that lies behind the fun façade of buses with moustaches…

Why APH is supporting University of Southampton’s £25m appeal for its world-leading Centre for Cancer Immunology

APH razor-dodgers gallery

It wasn’t just our buses that sprouted facial hair during Movember, various members of the APH team also gave their razors a month off. Here are the results…

Tahir's moustache growing and going...

Tahir’s moustache growing and going…

APH MD Nick... who may have been at the Photoshop

APH MD Nick… who may or may not have been at the Photoshop

Nick Caunter: APH Managing Director

Along with making sure APH goes from strength to strength, MD Nick Caunter also joined the Movember razor-dodging fun by cultivating a mightily impressive moustache…

Some might say there’s an ever-so-slight anomaly with his final photograph in the sequence… we, on the other hand, value our jobs so are staying shtum…

Tahir: APH website guru

Along with tweaking our website and making sure you can find us on search engines, Tahir has been hard at work growing a beard just for Movember.

While Tahir knows it’s all for a great cause, it’s unlikely he’ll be retaining his new facial hair… he’s literally ‘itching’ to get his razor in action asap.

It’s not just Tahir who’s been saving his shaving foam, either!

Here are more members of the APH team who’ve grown some facial hair for a great cause.

Simon and operations team from APH Manchester

Looking snug in their hats and fuzzy face warmers, the team from APH Manchester have done us proud.

Team from APH Manchester

Team from APH Manchester

Tony from APH Gatwick Operations team

We’re not sure Tony will be able to part from his new beard… he certainly looks very happy with it – and so he should be.

Great effort from Tony at APH Gatwick

Great effort from Tony at APH Gatwick


All about moustaches

Apart from the fact they grow on your top lip, what else do you know about moustaches? We’ve got the hairy facts and trivia you (don’t really) need here…



Avoid moustache fails by reading the facts before you start growing

Avoid moustache fails by reading the facts before you start growing

Thinking about swapping ‘virtual’ for ‘actual’? Here’s our know-before-you-grow guide to moustaches…

Prepare for a little pain: If you’ve never grown a moustache before, prepare for the first few days to be a little uncomfortable as the stubble breaks through. Conditioning your skin by rubbing in a little oil each morning should help. The discomfort will soon fade.

Colour: Don’t expect your top-lip warmer to be the same colour as the hair on your scalp. Expect random dark patches, grey streaks or even ginger. It’s completely normal but if you’re worried, Just For Men produces a special dye just for your facial hair. It’s available in chemists.

How long will it take: Facial hair grows around 0.4mm a day, so month-long cultivation over Movember should result in a moustache that’s around half and inch long. You might not be able to style it, but you’ll certainly notice it.

Prepare to become obsessed by it: Boffins have revealed that men with this particular facial accessory will touch it up to 750 times a day.

You’ll become more attractive: A study from 2013 revealed that 80% of women questioned would date a man with a tash because it made them appear ‘fun’, ‘generous’, ‘rugged’ and ‘outdoorsy’. The top style was that worn by Johnny Depp – along with the animated top-lip slug worn by Ned Flanders from the Simpsons.

Get plenty of rest: Sleep deprivation can slow down growth, so make sure you’re early to bed for the best top-lip action.

Shave time: Along with doing your bit to help fight cancer, you’ll also be giving yourself some extra free time. Razor-sharp scientists from Gillette have calculated that men spend a total of 32.5 days over a lifetime of shaving. Movember will therefore free up a little additional time to do something less boring.

Foods to avoid: As the end of Movember draws in and your fuzz becomes a real-life moustache, you might like to consider dodging a few foods… Here are a few suggestions of what’s not good to eat…

Candy floss
Spaghetti Carbonara
Meat Pie
Flaky croissants
Sugary doughnuts
Treacle pudding

Take your tash on holiday

Find more national moustaches here

Find more national moustaches here

Heading off on your holidays during Movember? Use the following guide to grooming your growth like the locals… Moustaches are just like passports and can denote where you are from. Find out the popular style for your destination…

Click here to reveal... moustache styles from around the world

Off on your hols? Join the locals with a tailored tash

Off on your hols? Join the locals with a tailored tash

It’s not just the buses..

Alongside the APH transfer buses doing their bit, several members of APH staff will also be giving their razors the month off and attempting to grow a moustache. Look out for updates and their month-long timelapse video to see how they got on as Movember draws to a close. Watch this space…

Please note, money raised through this page and competition will go to the University of Southampton’s appeal to fund its world-leading Centre for Cancer Immunology. If you want to donate or find out information about the separate Movember campaign, please click here


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