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Will you need to pay new diesel taxes? Find out if your car meets the required standards with this free emissions checker

With numerous clean air zones, diesel surcharges and new taxes planned, UK motorists are being left baffled as to whether any of it will impact on them – luckily, you can find out your car’s Euro Emission Standard with this free tool.

London Congestion Charge

As the UK heads towards diesel-free roads, clean air zones are being proposed across the country in a bid to reduce toxic pollution hotspots.

New zones could be implemented as early as Spring 2018, alongside other measures and charges for diesel-driving motorists.

However, with the sheer volume of diesel taxes hitting motorists, many remain confused as to whether their motors will be be liable.

One of these is the new London T-Charge, which was introduced in October 2017 – this applies to any vehicle that does not meet the minimum emissions standards of Euro 4.

Those venturing into the capital via car or any other vehicle, will also have to contend with the Congestion Charge and the upcoming Ultra Low Emission Zone (ULEZ).

From April 2019, when the ULEZ charge comes into force, any motorist heading into London can expect to pay up to £24 per day if they’re driving an older car. Lorry and bus drivers will be hit harder, paying up to £111.50 per day.

The ULEZ is estimated to hit up to 60,000 vehicles a day, while the current T-Charge is paid by around 6,500 motorists daily.

You can find out if you’ll need to pay the T-Charge here and follow this link to see if the future ULEZ charge will impact you

Using both tools as guidelines will help unsuspecting motorists find out if they could be hit by charges for upcoming clean air zones.

The ULEZ standards will be:

While the current T-Charge standard is:


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