Why Visit The Ukraine?

Ukrainians are truly passionate about their football. In fact, supporting their local and national football teams is something of a patriotic act!

So, why should people in England go to see the European Championships in the Ukraine?

European Championships in the Ukraine

European Championships in the Ukraine

Meeting other football fans on their own terms and in their own country has always fostered good International relationships from the very early days of competitive football.

As well as Watching some great football you will be able to catch some interesting aspects of a different culture.

Ukrainian people are a mystery to most people in England. But that’s hardly their fault. For decades they were behind the Iron Wall of the Soviet Union, still a separate state in theory, but in practice they, along with many other neighbouring states, were under the iron-fisted thrall of the Soviet Union, or Russia.

But that was then and Ukraine is eager to welcome tourists (both football and otherwise) to enjoy the hospitality that the country has to offer tourists willing to be a little bit more adventurous. The tourism industry is under development and already earns a substantial (and growing!) income for the economy.

The country is claimed by some to be the 8th most popular tourism destination in Europe.

For those who want to see a little more than European Football Championship matches, Ukraine has much to offer. The majestic beauty of the Carpathian Mountains (renowned for skiing), hunting, fishing and hiking, there is also the spectacular coastline on the Black Sea, Yalta is somewhere that many people consider to be the near-perfect coastal resort.

The Crimea, site for the dreadful and entirely erroneous Charge of the Light Brigade was enacted during the Crimean War and some tourists who are military history buffs still combine the pleasure of a holiday in convivial and majestic surroundings with the somewhat bitter-sweet pleasure of examining old battle fields and wondering, as have countless thousands of others over the years: “Why did it happen the way it happened?”

There are many beautiful towns and quaint villages in Ukraine, and many fine old buildings, plus a great many churches. Kiev, the capital of Ukraine is an interesting old city with much to see. Of particular interest is St. Michael’s Golden-Domed Monastery, a truly majestic building, which must be seen to be believed.

It is reported that generally prices for tourists are lower than in some other tourist destinations, but this must be looked at in the context of when you are travelling. It is reported that some hotels are charging a great deal of money during the European Championships, but after this is finished, it is likely that there will be some bargains to be had.

How do you find out about who offers bookings for holidays in the Ukraine? Some of the larger travel firms have Ukraine mentioned in their brochures and on their websites. You can check with your local travel agent to see what they can offer you and visit the websites of ABTA ATOL registered firms to ensure that your booking will be as safe as you can make it.

And of course, don’t forget to book your airport parking and hotels through APH to help all of your holidays get off to the perfect start.

If you are keen on watching live international football, not far from some of Eastern Europe’s most beautiful locations and gorgeous beaches, what’s stopping you?!

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