Who’s the best person to countersign your passport photo… top 10 professions revealed

Applying for a first adult or child passport? New research will help cut the rigmarole of finding someone who’s legitimately allowed to countersign the photo.

Passport rules dictate that only members of ‘accepted’ professions can countersign the photos, which must be sent with certain types of application. Getting this wrong is likely to result in lengthy delays.

To help ensure smooth delivery of your passport, an exclusive study of 750 respondents carried out by APH.com has revealed the most popular professions chosen by passport applicants.

Top 10 professions countersigning UK passports?

The top 10 professions you chose to sign your passport photos

The top 10 professions you choose to sign your passport photos

APH.com reveals teachers and lecturers as the number one choice for applicants requiring a countersigned photo, with 17% of respondents putting them top of the class.

With first child and first adult passports among those that need countersigned pics, teachers and lecturers make an obvious choice for young kids and those moving up to the senior document as they enter college or university.

Civil servants take second place, with 9 per cent, followed by the likes of accountants, building society officials and police officers.

At the other end of the scale, it seems the likes of funeral directors, journalists and dentists are all shunned when it comes to countersigning duties, with not one getting the call to wield their Biro.

Top 10 professions for signing passports

1) Teacher or lecturer
2) Civil servant
3) Accountant
4) Bank official
5) Police officer
6) Company director
7) Registered nurse
8) Solicitor
9) Local Gov officer
10) HR Officer

Who needs to get their passport photo countersigned?

Find out who can and can't sign your passport photo

Find out who can and can’t sign your passport photoimage credit

Anyone applying for the following types of passport will need to get their photo countersigned.

Find out the full list of who can sign your photos here.


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