Vaping: Don’t risk a fine or even a jail sentence – here are the countries where vaping is banned

Vaping is said to help smokers quit, but Brits doing it in certain countries could be hit with fines – or even jail sentences…

e cigarette

Don’t risk being slapped with a fine, or worse

What countries is vaping banned in?

Here’s a list of the countries where vaping is banned

Argentina Austria
Belgium Brazil
Brunei Colombia
Egypt Indonesia
Jordan Malaysia
Mexico Oman
Panama Singapore
Taiwan Tajikistan
Thailand Turkey
United Arab Emirates Uruguay
Venezuela Don’t get caught out!

Failing to plan ahead if you’re travelling to any of these countries could see you slapped with a fine, or worse.

With vaping still fairly recent and laws surrounding the use of them continually developing, governments are constantly altering the rules.

Thailand banned vaping in 2014, with many tourists unaware. Any e-cigarettes found by Thai officials will probably be confiscated, while the owner could be hit with a fine or even sent to prison for up to 10 years – so it’s probably best to leave your e-cig at home…

Many countries, such as Brazil, will hand out fines to anyone that has a vaping product confiscated from them.

What countries have restrictions on vaping and e-cigarettes?

Some countries haven’t banned vaping completely, but there are some restrictions that you must follow to avoid an unwanted fine.

Countries where vaping is restricted:

Australia Canada
Denmark Finland
Japan Hong Kong
Hungary Iran
New Zealand Norway
South Africa Sweden
Switzerland Make sure you know the rules!

Australia for example, allows the use of e-cigarettes in all states, but in Queensland, e-cigs with liquid nicotine are illegal.

In Hong Kong, possessing or selling an e-cigarette which contains nicotine, could earn you two years in prison and a large fine (nicotine is categorised as a poison in Hong Kong).


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