Used your phone abroad recently? Mobile customers urged to check bills after one provider has charged customers for EU roaming calls

If you’ve used your mobile phone abroad recently then you might want to check your bill as one provider has been wrongly charging customers for EU roaming calls.

Mobile network iD Mobile, which is owned by Carphone Warehouse, has been charging customers for using their phones abroad, despite the introduction of free roaming calls in the EU, according to

The ‘Roam Like Home’ legislation came into force on June 15 and means that mobile customers should be able to makes calls and send texts from anywhere in the EU, paying just what they’d pay in the UK.

iD Mobile’s website stated ‘’You can use your minutes to call numbers in the UK or the same destination you’re in. You’ll be charged for calls to other non-UK destinations. These aren’t included in your normal monthly allowance even when you’re in the UK’’.

However, this contradicts the new EU rules, which states “When you are roaming in the EU, all calls to mobile and fixed numbers in the EU will be counted against your national volume of minutes.”

iD Mobile has said that it is aiming to fix the problem by the end of August and will automatically credit customers who have made intra-EU calls since June 15.

If you’re with iD Mobile and you’ve travelled abroad since June 15, or planning to do so, you should check your bills to see if you’ve been charged roaming fees while in the EU.

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