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Use a dashcam? Forget peace of mind, your dashcam could see YOU hit with a fine!

Dashcams are becoming increasingly popular across the UK, bringing benefits such as cheaper insurance and crucial evidence from crashes – but it also seems footage from your device could be used against you by cops and courts.

Although dashcams are legal to use in the UK, owners could land themselves in hot water if they fail to follow to the rules.

If the police pull you over for a motoring offence and you have a dashcam, they’re within their rights to ask you to submit your footage for review.

For example, a clip from your dashcam could be used to settle allegations such as speeding – the GPS data provided by dashcams will help determine just how fast the car was travelling.

Deleting, withholding or tampering with the recordings in any way to prevent the police using the footage, could – in some cases – result in serious charges for perverting the course of justice.

If required, police can seize the camera itself and any memory card used with it if they think a motoring offence has been committed.

It’s not just dashcam owners who need to follow the rules, police are increasingly using cameras from other vehicles to convict law-breaking drivers.

There are also strict privacy laws that dashcam users need to be aware of. If you use any filming device that records footage or audio of passengers inside your vehicle, you could be charged with breaching privacy laws.

You must make passengers immediately aware that they are been recorded when they get in your car – this applies to taxis as well.

You could also see yourself breaking the law if you drive abroad using a dashcam:

Heading abroad with your motor? You might want to disconnect the dashcam. Here are the details you need…

Austria – Dashcams are banned

Germany – Dashcams can be used but it’s illegal to upload footage to social media

Luxembourg – Cannot use a dashcam to film a public space

USA – Dashcams are restricted under specific state laws


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