Urgent warning for travellers with iPhones

Read this to ensure you're safe from big data cost while abroad

Read this to ensure you’re safe from big data cost while abroad

Urgent warning for travellers with iPhones… new iOS upgrade could result in huge bills when heading abroad

• New feature switches from weak Wi-Fi to 3G or 4G network
• Switching to local mobile network could result in huge bill for user
• Feature is part of recent iOS 9 upgrade that many have installed
• Scroll down for our step-by-step guide to disable feature and cut risk

Travelling abroad with an iPhone? Read on because it’s possible you could be exposing yourself to huge data bills thanks to a new feature in the recent iOS 9 update.

The setting – ‘Wi-Fi assist’ is set to enabled by default and will swap the phone’s data source to your 3G or 4G network if it detects the Wi-Fi network is running slowly.

This feature will help avoid buffering while watching videos or listening to music, but could also wrack up huge bills if your operator allows you to use international data without a pre-paid bundle.

Using data abroad can cost £8/mb, so watching a 250/mb video clip that’s switched to 3- or 4G could cost more than your holiday.

How to disable Wi-Fi assist and stay safe

Disable the Wi-Fi Assist function like this

Disable the Wi-Fi Assist function like this

Service providers offer varying policies for data usage abroad, so you’ll need to speak to your phone company to assess if you are at risk, but we’d advise all travellers who own an iPhone to disable this feature. Here’s how.

1) Open your phone’s settings
2) Scroll to the very bottom of the mobile data page
3) The Wi-Fi Assist option is the last option
4) Touch the Wi-Fi Assist option and it should turn from green (active) to white (disable)

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