The UK’s highest earning speed camera locations have been revealed – find out where and how much they’re raking in, here

The top 10 highest earning speed cameras netted an estimated £3.2 million over a 12-month period in 2015 – with one site pulling in £1,600 a day from speeding motorists. Find out there locations and how much they’re earning below. 

Location Yearly earnings
A1 Northbound Great Ponton £606,400
M180, West of River Trent Scunthorpe £583,500
M25 J17-18 Rickmansworth £538,500
M25 J5 Clacket Lane Services Westerham £373,300
A12 Southbound Stratford St Mary £305,400
M25 J18-17 Rickmansworth £255,400
A22 Eastbourne Road, Halland £167,100
Esher Bypass, Hook £149,700
A14 Bythorn Cambridgeshire £121,200
A34 Southbound Milton £63,600

The most profitable speed camera was on the A1 Northbound at Great Ponton, Lincolnshire, which caught more than 6,000 motorists – pulling in £1,661 a day in fines. This top-earner is no more though, as it has been replaced by an average speed check system.

Featuring three times on the top ten list, the M25 is raking in £1.1 million in fines from the three featured locations alone. All three captured 12,122 speeding motorists in a 12-month period in 2015.

Will I get a speeding ticket…what happens after the motorway or A-road flash?

No-one condones speeding, but it’s easy to make mistakes and fall victim to cameras when we’re under stress and attempting to negotiate new routes. Use our easy-to-read guide to find out what happens after they flash, as well as the types of speed cameras you’ll find dotted across the UK…


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