Top movie and TV locations you can visit!

If you’re a huge movie buff, what could make for a more perfect holiday than to combine some seriously breathtaking scenery with top movie and TV locations from your favourite flicks?

If you’ve always wanted to make like Indiana Jones and rescue relics from the hands of the bad guys, dance the night away in Mumbai like a true Slumdog Millionaire or imagined yourself flying over Jurassic Park on your way to an epic adventure; APH has got some fabulous film destinations for you!


Game of Thrones: Croatia

movie and TV locations

Moody Minceta Tower in Dubrovnik Image credit

Obsessed fans of this extremely popular show may well be suffering withdrawal since the series ended for the year, but a trip to Dubrovnik in Croatia could help ease the pain! The setting of Kings Landing from series two onwards, this beautiful walled city is a great autumn escape and as you wander the narrow streets you’ll really feel like you’ve landed in the capitol of Westeros. Look out for Minceta Tower set high on the walls of the city; the setting for the house of the undying, the finale of season two.

The Bridge:

movie and TV locations

The Øresund Bridge is 16 kilometres long and connects Sweden to Denmark

Gritty Scandi-crime drama The Bridge starts with a discovery of a body under the The Øresund Bridge. The namesake of the series, this now infamous bridge is a 16 km direct link between Denmark and Sweden and is easy enough to visit if you’re a fan of the show.

Amelie: Paris

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Check out where Amelie earn’t her rent Image credit

Cult classic Amelie was shot in and around the narrow winding streets of Montmartre in Paris. You can follow in her eager footsteps just by wondering the district. Look out for the park that leads to the Sacre-Coeur; where Amelie first makes contact with the object of her affections, and the café she works in; Café des 2 Moulins which actually exists and you’ll find on rue Lepic.

The Godfather: Sicily

movie and TV locations

Sicily’s stunning scenery and fabulous food make it a worthwhile trip Image credit

When Michael Corleone makes his first hit and has to be smuggled out of the country, he heads to the ancestral family home; town of Corleone in Sicily. The film producers decided however that Corleone was too built up and industrial to serve as the backdrop, so instead shot the scenes in gorgeous Savoca instead.


Slumdog Millionaire: Mumbai

movie and TV locations

Chaotic and crowded but so worth a visit Image credit

Hot, steamy and crowded; Slumdog Millionaire may have presented a somewhat glamorised version of Mumbai in India, but fans of the film won’t be disappointed by a visit to this exciting and vibrant city. Head to Chhatrapati Shivaji train station, set of the final scene and the location for the dance scene finale.

Indiana Jones and the Last crusade Al Khazneh: Petra, Jordan

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Al Khazneh in Jordan is just epic Image credit

Relic hunter Indiana finds himself in hot water while trying to get his hands on the holy grail and keep it from the clutches of the Nazis. Shot at the stunning Al Khazneh in Jordan, this ancient temple serves as the fictional final resting place for the grail and is well worth a visit just to take it in!

The Beach: Koh Phil Phi Leh, Thailand

movie and TV locations

A trip to Koh Phi Phi Leh; not a bad way to spend an afternoon Image credit

Scene of the idyllic beach that Leonardo Di Caprio stumbles upon in The Beach; beautiful Koh Phi Phi Leh is all white sand and swaying palm trees. The island can be found off the western coast of Thailand and is only accessible by boat.

North America

Ghostbusters: New York

movie and TV locations

Who you gonna call? Image credit

If you’ve always fancied yourself as a fellow Ghostbuster, take a trip down to Tribeca in New York to check out the firehouse used by the gang as their headquarters. Hook and Ladder 8 is on Moore Street between Broadway and Hudson.

The Sopranos: New York

movie and TV locations

Any excuse to visit the big apple…

This legendary TV show was mostly shot were it was set; New Jersey, but if you’re a fan of the show and want to follow in Tony’s footsteps without trekking through the turnpike, head to Mulberry Street Bar in Little Italy. This lively and colourful little bar is the setting of Tony’s sit downs with the New York ‘families’.

As a bonus it also happened to be one of Frank Sinatra’s favourite bars, and the setting for a few pivotal scenes in fellow mob flick Donnie Brasco.

The Shining: Oregon

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It doesn’t look so creepy in the day, but try staying the night at Timberline Lodge                                                      Image courtesy Timberline Lodge, Mt Hood, Oregon

Timberline Lodge in Oregon served as the external setting for the haunted hotel in The Shining that slwoley sends Jack Nicholson insane; it’s a ski lodge and you can go and stay there year round, don’t forget to ask for room 217…

Jurassic Park, Hawaii

movie and TV locations

Stunning scenery awaits you in Hawaii Image credit

For the filming of Jurassic Park, Isla Nublar was not in fact an island off the coast of Costa Rica, the setting for film was the beautiful island of Kauai in Hawaii. The stunning shots of the helicopter approaching dino island are taken over the Na Pali Coast, and really the only way to see it is to fly! Get yourself on a helicopter tour and you’ll also fly over the Manawaiopuna Falls and the Hanapepe Valley, following in the footsteps of the park explorers.

Jaws: Martha’s Vineyard

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Picturesque Martha’s Vineyard; not the obvious place for shark-filled mayhem

Not the scene of many vicious attacks; the exclusive tourist hot spot of Martha’s Vineyard off the coast of Cape Cod, Massachusetts served as the filming location for Jaws. The beach scenes where the tourists get attacked were filmed at Joseph A Sylvia State Beach, a popular beach with holidaymaking families.

Ferris Bueller’s Day Off: Chicago

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The Willis Tower, erm, towers over Chicago

80’s cult classic Ferris Bueller was filmed in and around the city of Chigo in Illinois. Highlights for fans include the Skydeck of the 1,451 foot tall Willis Tower; Wrigley Field, the home of the Chicago Cubs and Dearborn Street, the scene of Ferris’s rendition of Twist and Shout from atop a parade float.


The Matrix: Sydney, Australia

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Gorgeous Sydney serves as the rather grim backdrop for The Matrix

Neo may have inhabited a computer generated world, but The Matrix was shot on the very real streets of downtown Sydney. Head up Pitt Street towards Circular Quay until you hit Martin Place; on your left you might recognise the fountain as the scene with the ‘girl in the red dress’ who flirts with Neo during a training programme.

Lord of the Rings: New Zealand

movie and TV locations

Hobbiton can be found in New Zealand

You can’t move in New Zealand without stumbling across a scene from the epic Lord of the Rings trilogy; the beautiful landscape and stunning scenery made it the perfect location to stand in for Middle Earth.

Highlights for fans include Matamata, home of Hobbiton. Most of the cute underground hobbit homes were rebuilt for The Hobbit and you can take a tour of them. If you’re visiting the South Island then a drive from Queenstown to Glenorchy will reward you with a stunning middle earth panorama as you take in the view of the slopes of Mount Earnslaw, which featured in the opening sequence of The Two Towers.

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