Time to grab your passport… the top 30 signs you’re suffering a mid-life crisis

Men and women listen up! Have you got the sudden urge to go travelling, dye your hair or join a gym? Grab your wallet – you could be about to suffer a mid-life crisis that will cost an average of £7,712 to finance, according to new research.


Planning a mid-life crisis? We can think of worse things

Despite what we’ve been led to believe, the mid-life crisis is not merely the preserve of paunchy blokes in their 40s, but just as common for men and women, alike.

The research, by the Association of Accounting Technicians, reveals 39 per cent of females suffer a waver in middle age compared to 40 per cent of men.

An urge to travel is the big-ticket option for the mid-lifer, costing an average of £1471 each. However, 60 per cent of Brits think the ‘crisis’ is a positive event – giving the opportunity to break away from scenarios that cause misery, and an opportunity to set new goals.

When where and how…

Are you suffering, or about to fall ‘victim’ to the mid-life crisis? Here are the signs it’s coming…

The average mid-life crisis begins at the age of 43 years, one month and three weeks, and most respondents pinned the years between 31-40 as the best of their lives.

22 per cent said their mid-life crisis came shortly after they started noticing when policemen and politicians were younger than them.

The signs it’s arrived…

How many of these boxes do you tick? Here are the top 30 signs that you, or someone you know, could be suffering a mid-life crisis…


Step inside your shiny new mid-life crisis

  1. Changing jobs
  2. Noticed when politicians/policemen were younger than you
  3. Broke up with partner
  4. Had a one-night stand
  5. Started taking vitamins
  6. Went travelling
  7. Moved house
  8. Started flirting with people 20 years younger
  9. Divorced spouse
  10. Stopped celebrating my birthday
  11. Revisited holiday destinations from when you were younger
  12. Looked up an old partner on Facebook
  13. Joined Facebook
  14. Looked up ex-girlfriends/boyfriends on Facebook
  15. Took up a new hobby
  16. Joined a gym
  17. Bought a sports car
  18. Got a partner who was younger than the previous one
  19. Started wearing clothes you thought made you look younger
  20. Got a tattoo
  21. Bought skinny jeans
  22. Bought a motorbike
  23. Started listening to “young people’s” music
  24. Joined Twitter
  25. Started using anti-aging products
  26. Took your age off your Facebook profile
  27. Dyed your hair
  28. Bought an expensive bicycle
  29. Stopped telling people your age
  30. Ran a marathon

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