Think you’re a good driver because you passed your test first time? Find out on what attempt the ‘best’ drivers get their licence!  

Finally, the best drivers have been revealed – and it’s not those who passed their test on the first attempt!

More younger drivers are giving up hope of taking their test

Passing your test first time, doesn’t make you a good driver

If you’ve been bragging for years how you’re a great driver for passing your driving test first time round, you’ll want to stay quite because it’s been revealed that, statistically, you’re by no means the best.

First time ‘passers’ have been revealed as bettering only those who take more than five attempts to pass their test.

Black box data that rates speed, acceleration, braking and corning has been analysed to give motorists a total score out of 100.

The data compared average scores for motorists and how many attempts it took them to pass their driving test.

Who’s the best driver?

Test attempts Driver rating out of 100
1 78
2 79
3 80
4 84
5 81
5+ 76


So, if you passed your driving test on the fourth attempt, it turns out you’re the best drivers on the UK’s roads – according to black box data.

Those who take less than four months to pass have a lower score than those who take longer, according to the data.

It also revealed that more than 30 hours of training is the optimum length of time spent learning, with average scores below 80 for learners who had fewer lessons.


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