Tax-dodging drivers warned ‘you’re not invisible’ as DVLA launches new campaign targeting untaxed motors

Caw owners are being warned they face losing their vehicle if it’s not taxed – as a new DVLA campaign warns tax-dodging drivers they won’t be able to stay invisible.

Using a hand-painted, clamped car designed to look transparent, the new DVLA advert has a clear message to those without tax: “Even if you think you’re invisible to DVLA, you’re not – tax your car or risk losing it.”

The adverts will appear online, catch-up TV and newspapers throughout November.

Oliver Morley, DVLA Chief Executive, said: “This campaign targets those who break the law by not taxing their car.

“While the overwhelming majority of vehicles on the road are licensed correctly, it is only right that we take action against those people who think they can get away with it.

“The law is clear and so are the consequences – if you don’t tax your car, you risk losing it.”

DVLA holds the records of more than 37 million vehicles in the country. The advert focuses on the fact that for those who think they can get away with not taxing their car, DVLA can and will take action against them.


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