Taking the train? New video reveals the cocktail of bugs, bacteria and fungi that’ll be sharing the ride

Thinking about taking a train to the airport or work? You might want to watch this video revealing the bacteria, bugs and fungi that one traveller picked up on a single trip.

Heading to the airport? You could be collecting a host of infectious stowaway to share your holiday.

A test of surfaces touched by a traveller taking a trip on the London Underground revealed he was exposed to the risk of skin infections, respiratory bugs and even food poisoning.

The video commissioned by Coldzyme shows a traveller wearing clean gloves embark on typical trip through the Tube system, touching the likes of chip and pins pads on ticket machines, handrails on escalators and stairs and grab-handles in tube carriages.

His gloves were then removed, sealed in a bag and sent for analysis by Dr Jacob Malone, joint group leader at the University for East Anglia and the John Innes Centre.

Among the bugs found were bacteria baddies from the Staphylococcus species, including S. aureus – which can cause skin infections, respiratory infections such as sinusitis and food poisoning.

While these are generally not a risk to those with a healthy immune system, those with a weakened system – such as tired, stressed travellers after a long flight – could fall victim to them.

There were also some other proteobacterial species such as Escherichia coli and Salmonella, of which some can cause diseases such as food poisoning, although many do not do this.

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