Simple trick shows you how much sunscreen you need to apply to stay safe this summer

Are you wearing a shocking shade of pink this summer? Here an expert reveals how much sunscreen you need to apply to protect against sunburn and damaged skin.

Research shows Brits are putting their health at risk by underestimating the amount of sunscreen required.

Here's how much sunscreen you need to apply to stay safe in the sun

Here’s how much sunscreen you need to apply to stay safe in the sun

Most of us are using just half the amount of sunscreen needed, according to research from the British Association of Dermatologists (BAD).

Here’s a quick guide to staying healthy in the sun…

How much sunscreen should I use?

Overall, we should be using around six full teaspoons of lotion to get the full benefits, according to the BAD.

This is the amount of sunscreen that manufacturers use when testing a product’s SPF rating – so scrimping on the cream will also mean protection is lessened.

How much sunscreen do I need to apply to parts of my body?

Some parts of our bodies will need more lotion than others, with areas such as the back and shoulders especially susceptible to harmful rays.

When it comes to how much we should apply, Justine Hextall, a consultant dermatologist at the Tarrant Street Clinic in West Sussex, told the Mail about a handy ‘coin trick’ to help ensure we’re on the money when applying the correct amount of sunscreen.

Justine uses 50p- 10p- and 5p-sized blobs of sunscreen to describe how much we should apply to each part of our body.

Here’s her guide to slathering on the correct amount of sun lotion.


The most common area for melanoma to develop in men – and it’s the most difficult part of the body to reach if applying alone.

How much lotion: Make sure you apply at least two 50p-sized blobs of sunscreen here.


Most of us hide our bellies away for much of the year, so a sudden roasting will soon see it burning without a liberal coating of cream.

How much lotion: Give your stomach a good 10p-sized blob of lotion to keep it happy and lobster-free.


Many people underestimate how much sunscreen is required for this area. It’s often exposed to sunlight so don’t cut back on the sunscreen.

How much lotion: Use at least a 50p-sized blob of suncream to protect your chest.


These are often the top hotspot on our bodies and first to burn, so make sure you keep them protected with the right amount of sunscreen.

How much lotion: You’ll need to apply two 10p-sized blobs for each shoulder. Wearing a light shirt to keep them covered for some of the day is also a smart move.

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These limbs are a common site for melanomas in both sexes, but people tend to ignore them as they’re more accustomed to being exposed to the sun.

How much lotion: You’ll need a 10p-sized blob for your upper and lower arm – that’s four blobs to cover both limbs.


We all know how pasty our legs can be as the summer starts, so don’t think skipping the sunscreen is going to make them look better anytime soon.

Legs are the most common site for melanomas in women, so pay special attention to rubbing on the lifesaving lotion.

How much lotion: You’ll need a 10p-sized blob for the upper and lower leg, so that’s four blobs to cover both.


Not only is a red nose unattractive, but it’s also a big risk factor when it comes to melanoma. Your nose is constantly exposed, so make sure it’s kept covered in cream.

How much lotion: You’ll need at least a 5p-sized blob to keep your nose covered.

Forehead and neck

Many of us forget – or avoid the forehead as it makes our hair greasy – when applying cream, but it’s a prime spot for burning.

The back of our neck is also an oft-missed spot, which has led to an increase in melanoma here.

How much lotion: Squirt a 10p-sized blob to cover these areas of your body. Don’t forget to apply to the hairline, too.

Face and ears

Make sure you fill in the gaps from your forehead and nose. This means cheeks, chin and ears.

How much lotion: Use a 10p-sized blob for these areas. Don’t rely on face creams or foundations, they’re unlikely to offer enough protection.

Don’t forget to add a couple of 10p-sized blobs to your scalp if you’re have hairloss.


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