Storm names announced for the 2017-18 storm season

The storm names for the 2017-18 storm season have been announced by the Met Office and Met Éireann. This follows the success of last year’s naming project leading to further increases in storm awareness.

Storm Comin

Ay-up, it’s Brian… Image credit: Wiki

Last year, the 2016/17 storm season saw the UK face the wrath of Doris, Angus and Ewan to name but a few. This year, the UK can expect to be visited by the likes of Brian, Hector or even Winifred if we’re unlucky to be lashed by winter storms.

The first storm of the year will be female and be named Aileen – the gender of the first storm alternates each year, in the 2016/17 season we saw Angus first.

After another successful pilot of the storm naming project, the project will now be fully operational. Surveys conducted after named storms last season revealed a further increase in awareness and action taken in response to hearing of a named storm. For example, Storm Doris hit an awareness score of 89 per cent, with 94 per cent of those surveyed finding the severe weather warning useful.

Although last winter was quiet in terms of weather, with only five named storms, the Met Office has prepared a new set of 21 names for whatever nature throws at the UK over the coming months.

This season’s names have once again been compiled using suggestions submitted by the public, alongside others proposed to Met Éireann. To comply with international storm naming conventions: Q, U, X, Y and Z will not be used.

A-Z storm names 2017/18

A – Aileen N – Niall
B – Brian O – Octavia
C – Caroline P – Paul
D – Dylan Q – N/A
E – Eleanor R – Rebecca
F – Fionn S – Simon
G – Georgina T – Tali
H – Hector U – N/A
I – Iona V – Victor
J – James W – Winifred
K – Karen X – N/A
L – Larry Y – N/A
M – Maeve Z – N/A

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