Stonehenge tunnel given the go ahead – but will it signal the end of the A303 holiday gridlock?

Transport Secretary Chris Grayling has given the go ahead to controversial road upgrades including a tunnel bypassing Stonehenge on the A303.

Do you think the plans are a good idea?

What are the plans?

The scheme will involve building a 1.8-mile road tunnel under the Stonehenge site. The current A303 road that runs parallel with Stonehenge is to be put into a dual-carriageway tunnel in the upgrade by Highways England.

Why is the tunnel needed?

The A303 running next to the monument is often gridlocked, causing travel chaos and frustration for motorists heading to and from Devon and Cornwall. The tunnel will have several benefits, from quicker journey times and reduced congestion to cleaner air and increasing growth in the local tourism industry.

How will it impact on Stonehenge?

Following consultation, the plans were altered to prevent the tunnel entrance spoiling the view of the sun during winter solstice, moving the tunnel a further 50 metres away from the original road.

Department for Transport officials claim that the tunnel will avoid any important archaeological sites, but opponents are concerned about the scheme, believing that the proposed plans will impact and damage the wider archaeology and environment.

See the proposed plans below


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