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New research reveals our over-reliance on digital navigation has spawned a illiterate generation of motorists when it comes to reading maps. Find out the facts here and take our map-reading test to see if you’ve got any idea where you’re heading…


Road maps are becoming a thing of the past

With sat-navs steadily emerging as the norm and the reliance on technology becoming ever more ingrained, map reading is becoming a minority skill. A survey by found 54% of the 1,000 people surveyed would struggle to read a road map. It also revealed 67% of these were aged between 18 and 44, while just 16.5% were 55 or over.

The survey also showed that 56% of people do not keep a map in their car.

Drivers who’ve completely swapped paper for tech admit to being lost without their digital guide: 44% of those surveyed confessed they’d abandon a car journey if their sat-nav broke. In addition, 85% agreed that they feel safer using a sat-nav oppose to a printed map.

It also appears the switch to artificial intelligence could be hitting our own levels of common sense; sat-nav-induced horror stories of drivers ending up 2,000 miles from their destination or attempting to drive through the Pacific Ocean due to an unreliable or out of date sat-nav are on the increase. A third of us even admit they’d take an illegal turn, or drive down a bus lane if our sat-nav told us too.

Have you a clue about where you are? Take our simple map test below:

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