Severn Bridge tolls to be ‘scrapped’ by Conservatives but Dartford Crossing charges to stay in place

The Conservatives have pledged to scrap the Severn Crossing tolls if they hold on to power in the June 8 General Election.

Payable by most vehicles crossing from England to Wales, tolls currently range from £6.70 – £20.

Second Severn River Crossing

Second Severn River Crossing: : image credit

Axing the tolls would benefit around 25million drivers each year, and, according to the Tories, boost ‘local’ economies by around £100million.

Plans were already in place to cut the toll to £3 when Highways England takes control of the crossing from Severn Crossings, which currently collects the tariff.

The Prime Minister said she wanted to “ensure that our economic progress is shared across the United Kingdom. By abolishing tolls for 25 million annual journeys between two nations we will strengthen the links between communities.”

Vehicle typeCost
Cat 1: Vehicle with up to nine seats£6.70
Cat 2: Small bus up to 17 seats & goods vehicles up to 3,500KG)£13.40
Cat 3: Bus with 18 seats and more & goods vehicles from 3,500KG)£20.00

What do you think about the tolls being scrapped? Who’ll pay the price?

Are motorists in England paying the price for the Tories attempting to woo Welsh voters? Who will make up the lost revenue and why are we still paying for the Dartford Crossing? Tell us your thoughts in the comments section at the bottom of this page.


What about Dartford Crossing?

Sadly, the Conservatives will not be affording the same luxury to drivers who pay millions to battle their way congested traffic and unclear toll collection systems at the Dartford Crossing.

Wasn’t the Dartford toll to be scrapped when construction was paid off?

Yes. The QEII Bridge opened in 1991 and the tolls were supposed to be scrapped once construction costs had been paid off to the private consortium that financed it. However, the notion of it becoming free was ended by a Transport Act in 2000, which changed the payment from a toll to a charge – meaning it could carry on ad infinitum

How much are the Dartford Crossing charges?

Here’s how much drivers will continue to pay when using the Dartford Crossing:

Vehicle classVehicle typeNon-accountDart Charge account
CTwo-Axle Goods£3.00£2.63
DMulti-Axle Goods£6.00£5.19

Please note, it’s free to use the crossing between 10:00pm and 06:00am.

1 comment for “Severn Bridge tolls to be ‘scrapped’ by Conservatives but Dartford Crossing charges to stay in place

  1. David Austin
    May 20, 2017 at 8:23 pm

    I doubt the charge will be scrapped by either party so If we have to pay then make sure every one including overseas visitors pay as well.
    Britain stop being a soft touch!

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