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Are you safe to drive? Morning after calculator reveals how long alcohol COULD take to leave your body

New Year’s Eve is one of the most celebrated days of the calendar and many of us will be looking forward to clinking a drink or two when the clock strikes 2018.

You did the right thing and left your car at home – but don’t forget alcohol could still be in your system the morning after

However, new research by found more drink-drivers have been caught on New Year’s Day for the past four years, more than any other date in the calendar.

According to new Freedom of Information data, obtained by, 119 drivers failed breathalyser tests on the 1st January 2017.

Many of these simply unaware that they were still over the limit from the night before – when they’d done the right thing and left their car at home.

To help drivers avoid any future mishaps, has created a morning after calculator, which gives drivers an indication of when their body should be free of alcohol, based on how many units they consumed and when they stopped drinking.

Top 5 dates for drink driving in 2017 to date

Here’s why you need to watch when you drive on New Year’s day. Scroll down to use the Morning After Calculator.

Date Number of drivers who failed breathalyser tests(4)
1st January 2017 119
7th May 2017 54
26th August 2017 44
21st May 2017 43
23rd April 2017 42

Morning after calculator

The following tool should be used for a rough indication of how long alcohol takes to leave a person’s body and should not be relied on as a definitive guide to when you’re fit to drive.

Click here for the Morning After Calculator

Have a great New Year’s Eve and remember to leave your car at home.