Ryanair updates its rules for hand luggage again. Read our full guide to changes and charges here

Ryanair implemented a big change to how hand luggage is carried on its services in January – and the price that customers were being asked to pay for two pieces of hand luggage have now been hiked further on selected routes. 

Revealed – changes to Ryanair cabin luggage rules: Credit

Read on to find out about the changes with our at-a-glance guide to Ryanair hand luggage changes.

So what was the big change to Ryanair’s hand luggage rules?

Passengers can still take two bags through security, but once they reach the gate, larger bags will be tagged and placed in the hold.

The bag will then enter the normal luggage system and need to be collected from baggage reclaim – adding extra time to passengers’ journey times.

Will I be charged for my second carry-on bag being placed in the hold?

No. This will be free of charge – but this could change at any time because Ryanair boss Michael O’Leary warned the airline might change its policy again because too many passengers were checking bags into the hold for free.

Update May 31: Is there a way round the new policy and how much will it cost me?

Yes and this is where the price hike has been added. Passengers were being charged £5 for priority boarding if they wanted to bring a second wheelie-type bag, or other large carry-on item into to the plane’s cabin.

Now – on selected routes – passengers who book priority boarding ahead of the flight will be charged £6 to carry their larger bag into the cabin, while those who book the service at check-in could be charged £7.

What are the selected routes for the higher-priced Priority Booking?

Ryanair hasn’t revealed the list at the time of writing, but a ‘spot check’ carried out by Telegraph Travel found the online fee of £5 had increased to £6 for most of the routes it investigated. These routes included Alicante, Hamburg, and Lisbon.

When did the new policy come into force and is there a Ryanair video explainer?

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See the video above and the policy came into force at 5am, Monday, January 15.

What is behind the change?

Ryanair has said that it wants to improve the punctuality of its services, but too many people turning up at the gate with two carry-on bags was hampering this.

So will I still be able to take two pieces of cabin baggage on board?

Yes, but you’ll have to pay for priority boarding. If you opt to do this, you can bring one normal (55cm x 40cm x 20cm) bag and one small (35cm x 20cm x 20cm) bag into the plane’s cabin.

How will this work at the airport?

There will be two queues at the gate; one for Priority customers and one for non-Priority passengers. Ryanair has updated its boarding passes to make it clear which queue customers should be in.

Does this apply to all bookings or just those made from now on?

The rule change applies to ALL bookings, regardless of when they were made.

Hand luggage rules have changed for Ryanair passengers

Hand luggage rules have changed for Ryanair passengers

If I don’t pay for priority boarding, can I save time by checking my second carry-on bag at the regular check-in desk?

No. You will need to bring it to the gate if you want to have it loaded for free.

How do I become a Priority Passenger

Select the option when you book, or download the airline’s app – where it can be added up to 30 minutes before the scheduled departure time. Adding it on the app will cost £6.

Can I refuse to check my second carry-on bag?

Not unless you don’t mind being banned from the flight without the chance of a refund.

What about reports of passengers on flights to Israel having to pay extra?

It had been reported that passengers travelling to Israel, who didn’t pay for priority boarding, would be charged €40 (£35) to have their bags put in the hold, or €50 (£44) if they wanted to keep them until the gate.

However, Ryanair has now gone back on this policy, releasing a statement, as published in the Jewish Chronicle, saying: “From Saturday, 20th January 2018, all customers on Ryanair flights to/from Israeli airports will be permitted to bring two free carry-on bags (one wheelie and one small) to the gate, subject to airport security permitting them to do so.”

“Priority customers will be allowed bring their two bags (one wheelie and one small) on board. Non-priority customers can bring their smaller bag on board and place their wheelie bag in the hold, free of charge, at the boarding gate. ”


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