Rock and Roll Tourist

Graham Forbes, published by Northumbria University Press:

Rock and Roll Tourist is a travel book with a difference. And one that is ideal for your suitcase. For Graham has travelled across many of the world’s continents to hear and also to meet bands like Franz Ferdinand, Anthrax, BB King, Jerry Lee Lewis and others perform in big and small venues.

Graham then heads backstage, taking the reader into the secret world of the touring musician. Tall-tales, upsets and travel mishaps in foreign parts come with the territory and are vividly brought to life by Forbes’ wry, conversational and sometimes cynical observations.

The author reports this world from his own unique lens – writing from the perspective of everyman, with a personal insight only he possesses. He vividly captures the city, the venue, and that special relationship between the band playing live and the audience.

‘He captures for the reader what they can only imagine the lifestyle is really like…not all fun and games…except when it’s fun and games,’ Paul Barrere, Little Feat.

Some of the weird and wonderful things that the author discovers on his travels include: a God-fearing hooker, the real reason why Charles Manson ordered the murder of Sharon Tate. The LA stalker, the tale of the giant owl and Jimmy Page. He also points out a link between ‘new country’ music and Irish marching bands and reveals why rock music was invented by a wee Glasgow plumber and a big tuechter farmer.

Not only is Graham a traveller and an accomplished author, he is also a highly skilled musician, and has worked as a professional musician for many years. He has played with a wide variety of bands from the Incredible String Band to the Rezillos, although he was fortunate enough to only play with them for some two hours! (the latter for about 2 hours!). Graham’s home is in the city of Glasgow, though he spends part of his time loving in Florida.

He has been likened to Bill Bryson, “but as if Bill Bryson could play the guitar.”

His previous book Rock and Roll Mountains received widespread acclaim and is also published by the Northumbria University Press.

Rock and Roll Tourist is available now, in paperback, 288pp
ISBN 978-1-904794-35-6, £7.99

Of course, you can do exactly what Graham does. Just visit the websites of your favourite bands or artistes, check out their foreign tour dates and cross-reference to the website and sort out not only airport car parking but insurance, car hire, etc.

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