Revealed… the jobs of workers most likely to have a drink or drug driving conviction

With the party season upon us, new research has revealed jobs in the construction industry dominate the occupations most likely to have a conviction for drink and drug driving.

Findings from MoneySuperMarket – based on seven million car insurance quotes run on  price comparison site over the last 12 months to October 2017 – reveal mature students living at home are most likely to have a drink or drug driving conviction, with a staggering 28.5 per 1,000.

police stop a driver

All drivers need to avoid alcohol whatever the season: credit: West Midlands Police

When it comes to occupations, it’s those working in construction and labouring who dominate the top 10. Amongst construction-related jobs, scaffolders rank the highest for convictions with 4.5 per 1,000, followed by labourers (4.3), ground workers (4.2) and builders (4.0).

Civilian Police Officers are the least likely to have drink and drug driving convictions (0.00), followed by police officers (0.02) and school students (0.06) – reflecting the low rates of convictions for drivers between the ages of 17-19.

Taxi (0.10) and bus drivers (0.21) have some of the smallest number of offences, along with hospital doctors (0.17) and midwives (0.19)3.

Find out the drink and drug driving rates in your are with this interactive tool.

Highest Amount of Drink and Drug-driving Offences, 2017
Rank Profession Rate
1 Mature Student – Living At Home 28.5
2 Mature Student – Living Away 16.5
3 Scaffolder 4.5
4 Labourer 4.3
5 Ground Worker 4.2
6 Builders Labourer 4.0
7 Bricklayer 3.8
8 Roofer 3.8
9 Construction Worker 3.3
10 Landscape Gardener 3.2

Lowest Amount of Drink and Drug-driving Offences, 2017
Rank Profession Rate
1 Police – Civilian 0.000
2 Police Officer 0.029
3 School Student 0.066
4 Taxi Driver 0.109
5 Hospital Doctor 0.17
6 Occupational Therapist 0.178
7 Midwife 0.190
8 Retired 0.193
9 Bus Driver 0.210
10 Solicitor 0.220


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