How to report dangerous fly-tipping on the UK’s road

More than one million incidents of fly-tipping have racked up bills of more than £58 million for taxpayers – but the real cost can be much higher for innocent motorists.

Don't let them get away with it.... report it now

Don’t let them get away with it…. report it now: Image credit

While some fly-tipping takes place on waste land, many illegal tippers simply offload their rubbish on quiet, unlit, twisty country roads – risking damage to cars and serious injury to those in them.

Many of us will have turned a corner to be confronted by a mountain of dangerous waste dumped in the middle of the road – with no warnings to help prevent damage or risk of injury.

With stats revealing that 2016-17 recorded the fourth consecutive rise in incidents, it’s a problem that’s only going to get worse as police patrols are cut back and more charges are introduced for waste management sites.

To make matters worse, despite the increase in offences, councils are carrying out less enforcement. There were 474,000 actions taken by councils in 2016-17 – a drop of 20,000 compared with the previous period.

What are the penalties for fly-tipping?

Unlimited fine or five years prison

£400 maximum fixed penalty for small-scale fly-tipping

£120 minimum fixed penalty

What should I do about it?

If you see someone fly-tipping you should take as many details as possible and take photos. However, do not put yourself at risk. You should call the police on 999 if the fly-tipping has left items in a dangerous location that could cause injury to road users, otherwise 101.

How can I report fly-tipping?

If the rubbish is in a dangerous position that could cause injury to road users then dial 999 and report it to the police immediately.

For cases where it’s not an immediate risk, you should call 101 and then contact the council to ensure it is removed as soon as possible.

Use the following link to find the council that is responsible. You will need the post code covering the location of the fly-tipping.

Find the council responsible here.



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