All-in-one stress-busting, cash-saving holiday guide

Cut stress and costs with our one-stop guide to holidaying

Cut stress and costs with our one-stop guide to holidaying

Stay ahead of the crowd as you head to the airport and beyond with the APH essential holiday and travel guide.

If you’re heading on holiday then our one-stop guide can help create a stress-free trip, save you money and make the most of your trip. Simply use the following guides to ensure you’re in the know…

We’ve got your holiday or business trip covered right here…

Before you travel

Read this before you travel

Read this before you travel

Preparation is the most important part of any trip. Skimp on this and you could be left with anything from getting to the airport to even making it onto the plane. Check out these guides to make sure you’re in control.

Passport panic: We've got the answers

It’s the must-have travel companion you really can’t leave home without. Your passport is a slippery customer and likes to expire just when you need it the most. Don’t succumb to passport panic – we’ve got all the information you need on getting a new, or renewed document in time to make it onto the plane
Get your passport ordering guide here

Driving licence changes: The information you need

Big changes are coming to the UK driving licence soon. These will affect how you hire cars while abroad, as well as making sure you’re legal on our roads as you head to the airport. We’ve got the lowdown here, so read on to reveal the information you need.
Driving licence changes you need to know about

Book your airport parking: Book early and save cash

Don’t leave your parking to the last moment. Resorting to turn-up-an-pay on-airport car parking will seriously deplete your cash. Booking your space right now with APH can save you around 40% on the price of a week’s short stay parking at Gatwick Airport.
Get your quote here

Meet and greet airport parking: The ultimate parking service

Travelling with kids, bulky luggage, or perhaps you have an early morning departure? Cut the stress with the ultimate in airport parking – meet and greet. Available at all major airports, simply drive to the terminal, meet a chauffeur and head straight to the check-in desks while your car’s parked for you. Beat the queues without breaking the bank.
Book your meet and greet parking here

Travel apps for trips with kids: Preserve your sanity

Heading abroad with the kids? Then pre-load your phone with’s guide to fantastic travel apps for holidays with kids – and ensure you have the best possible vacation. We’ve also got a guide to making sure you don’t bankrupt yourself with unexpected data charges.
Read more and pre-load your apps here

New drug-driving law could affect you: A must-read for all drivers

It’s not just those using illicit drugs that need to take notice, new legislation coming into force in March, combined with existing laws, could result in regular folk losing their licence through the use of prescription medications and over-the-counter remedies for anything from colds to travel sickness. This is a must-read feature to help you plan your trip to the airport and avoid problems.
Don’t be caught out by new and existing drug-driving laws

Electronic device security rules: Check them out

Security restrictions still apply to your electronic devices, so make sure you don’t risk missing your flight or having to leave your phone/tablet/laptop/iPod behind because it doesn’t comply with current security regulations. Use our guide to help ensure your devices aren’t left waving goodbye as you board the plane.
New security rules for electronic devices

Mobile phone shock: Stay in control of your comms

Travelling abroad can risk the terror of ‘mobile phone bill shock’. Costs are coming down for calls in EU countries, but go beyond and you could be paying hundreds to phone home. Data’s another big concern – wherever you are – forgetting to silence data-hungry apps working in the background could cost thousands without you even physically touching your smartphone. Find out how to prepare your mobile for going abroad right here.
How to beat mobile phone bill shock

Dartford Crossing changes: Using the crossing then read this

There have been big changes to how the Dartford Crossing works. No more toll booths, it’s down to you to log on and pay the bill after you’ve crossed the Thames. Forget to do it and you’ll be facing a big fine.
Get the full details here – before you travel

Best for ski insurance: Keep covered on the slopes

Have you just booked a ski holiday? Research tells us that 40% of skiers don’t bother to insure their equipment. With thefts and damage a common occurrence, the 40% might want to think again. Save Google-time with our guide to the major insurance deals on offer.
Ski insurance know before you go

Don’t come home to an empty fridge: Book yourself a welcome home feast

From fine dining on your hols to a putrefied cucumber and dubious brown lump of prehistoric who-knows-what in the corner of your freezer, make sure you don’t compound your post-holiday misery by returning home to an empty fridge. Use our feature below to check out and book a supermarket food delivery or collection for the day you return home. Remember to add some Champagne and salmon as a welcome home ‘me’ present.
The complete guide to supermarket home deliveries

Get that airline app to save time: From boarding passes to deals

From getting to the airport on time to checking-in from your mobile phone or tablet, airline apps are making flying far more efficient and stress free. Forget printing your boarding pass or getting stuck in a jam on the way to the airport car park – there’s an app for that. See what’s on offer for the modern-day traveller as APH takes a look at 10 of the apps offered by some of the top airlines flying from the UK. Don’t forget to download Virgin Atlantic’s app just for the funky flight tracker.
Find out how your airline’s app can work for you

Taking your pet on holiday with you: Don't say bye to Fido, take him too

Thinking about taking your pet on holiday abroad, or perhaps you’re relocating to foreign shores? Here’s all the information you’ll need to get your four-pawed pal on the plane.
Click here to book your pet’s vacation

Self-catering holiday survival guide: Plan ahead and don't go hungry

Saving cash by swerving full-board deals and taking the cost-cutting route of a self-catering holiday? Sounds like a great idea… but failing to plan the culinary details before you leave could result in empty tums. Make sure you have a plan before you fly, or you could end up spending large amounts of cash in the local restaurant. Follow’s guide to getting the best savings and tastiest food for your 2014 summer holiday.
Get the information you need here

Driving abroad… your essential guide

Your suitcase is packed and it’s time to wave bye-bye to Britain and head for your holiday haven of sun, sea and fun… but are you ready to hit the road when you get there? Here’s our guide to getting the best deals on hire cars, the cheapest fuel prices and staying safe on the roads of Europe and beyond.
Keep the wheels on your holiday here

Disneyland alternatives: There's more to life than Mickey and crew

Looking to step from the well-trodden path to Paris or Florida? Save yourself some cash and widen your horizons with an alternative theme park. Check out our guide to the best on offer.
Find your theme park here

Planes, trains or automobiles… travelling in the UK: What's best?

So what’s the best way to travel around the UK? Are you playing fast and loose with your wallet as you book your train ticket or reach for the petrol pump? Read on to find out the true route to domestic travel bliss… From planes and trains to cars, we’ve travelled the UK to see just which mode of transport makes the most sense for you. Looking at everything from cost, to time and environmental impact, we’ve the essential information you need to plan your trip. We’ll also give a rough estimate of ‘free time’ during the trip where you can, read, relax or get on with work.
Take our test journeys here

At the airport

How to save time, stress and money at the airport

How to save time, stress and money at the airport

Your time at the airport will include so much more than simply turning up, jumping on a plane and waving goodbye to Blighty as you head off for two weeks of fun, sun and deep-fried food. Here’s the smart traveller’s guide to making the airport work for them.

Wi-Fi costs at airports… know before you go: How much and where

Find out the costs and deals here

Heathrow Airport for kids: Ignore this at your peril

Where to take your kids and keep them happy at Heathrow Airport.
Find our all-terminal guide here

Top tips for stress-free family travel from Gatwick Airport: Must-read guide

If the prospect of heading to the airport with a car packed full of kids and suitcases is enough to make you tear up your passport and run screaming to the nearest campsite, then our guide to a stress-free family travel from Gatwick is the tonic you need.
Read our Gatwick-with-kids guide here

Lounging at Gatwick: Swerve the hordes

Lounging at Heathrow: Beat the stress

Emergency shopping at Gatwick: Last-minute emergencies covered

Forgotten to packa holiday essential? Not a problem with this guide.
Click here for our guide to emergency shopping at Gatwick

Where to eat at Gatwick Airport: Find out here

Looking for somewhere to enjoy a meal before you fly from Gatwick Airport? Here’s our guide to the airport’s top five places to eat.
Find the top tables at Gatwick here

Where to eat at Heathrow Airport: We've go it covered

Here are our recommendations for the best places to feed at Heathrow’s five terminals…
Click here for Terminal 1
Click here for Terminal 2
Click here for Terminal 3
Click here for Terminal 4
Click here for Terminal 5

Where to eat at Manchester Airport: Don't get hungry

Avoid tucking into dubious-looking airline food by filling up before you fly from Manchester Airport.
We’ve got the best eateries here

Where to eat at Birmingham Airport

Heading on your hols from Birmingham Airport? Make sure you fuel-up before you fly. Here’s our guide to the best placed to eat for all requirements.
Find your table here

VIP your trip: Add jet set sparkle to your trip

Follow our guides on how to VIP your trip from major UK airports. From fast-track lanes to the best lounges, we’ve got all you need to join the jet set.

Click here for our guide

Click here for our guide

Click here for our guide

Saving cash

Cut costs and spend more on the fun parts of your hols

Cut costs and spend more on the fun parts of your hols

Holidays are a big investment, so saving a small percentage can amount to a large wad of cash. Here are some tips to help you shave some expenses from your trip… leaving more money for the fun stuff.

Beat school holiday prices: We can help

There’s no need to pay sky-high prices for holidaying with your kids during school hols. Here’s our essential guide to cutting the cost for hard-pressed parents.
Find out cost-saving guide here

Get the best deal on holiday cash: Don't leave it too late

Leaving your currency conversion until you get to the airport is not smart. You’ll get less money in return for your sterling and be forced to spend an age queuing to buy it. Use our guide to find the clever ways to convert your cash – before you even think about packing your case.
How to sort your money here

Vacation or staycation: What makes most sense?

The economy is starting to take off – but should we do the same? After years of staycation misery in damp UK campsites, we have to ask – is holidaying at home really the best value option?
Solve the stay or go riddle here

Holiday health

Stay healthy and enjoy your break

Stay healthy and enjoy your break

Plan your inoculations: Don't leave it too late

Planning on travelling a little further afield than your traditional sojourn of two weeks camping on the Isle of Wight? Then you might need to consider vaccinations. Turning up at your GP surgery the day before you fly won’t cut the medicinal mustard, so check out our know-before-you-go guide to when and where you need vaccinations and immunisations – and how much they’ll cost you
Find out how much you’ll need to pay for having needles stuck in you

How to beat jet lag: Stay alert and enjoy your hols

When it comes to beating jet lag, resetting your watch is a lot easier than resetting your brain as you jet through the world’s 24 time zones. However, following our guide to creating a jet lag-busting travel strategy will ensure your holiday or business trip isn’t defined by fatigue-filled days and sleepless nights.
Find out the jet lag facts here

Holiday health gadgets and apps: Travel with confidence

From those of us heading on activity breaks to travellers with existing conditions and those who just want a little more confidence when away from home, here’s our guide to the essential holiday health gadgets and apps.
Stay healthy with the help of these gadgets

Airport hotels

Choose a pre-flight stop-over at a nearby hotel and feel fresh and relaxed as you head to the terminal

Choose a pre-flight stop-over at a nearby hotel and feel fresh and relaxed as you head to the terminal

Cut the stress with a pre- or post-flight stop-over at the airport. Here are the details you’ll need.
Book your hotel here

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