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Motorists are calling for a dedicated recovery unit for the Dartford Crossing – as stranded vehicles cause a loss to the economy and havoc for users and drivers in the area

If you’re ‘unfortunate’ enough to have to use the Dartford Crossing for your daily slog, you’ll be well aware of the horrendous queues that you must endure.

Have you ever seen the crossing this clear? Credit: Thinkstock

Stranded vehicles blocking the carriageway due to breakdowns or accidents cause motorists misery and time, so is it time for dedicated response team is brought in to get the lanes open and the traffic moving?

A new petition is calling the government to form a dedicated recovery unit to operate across the Dartford Crossing to help tackle the consistent delays and havoc caused by stranded vehicles waiting hours for recovery from the drivers own breakdown service or insurer.

With the Dartford Crossing raking in more than £160million last year alone – almost double the £99million from the year before – it’s understandable that some motorists are calling for a dedicated response team to be included in the budget.

With no plans to ever scrap the Dartford tolls, despite the previous promise to get rid of the charges, the money earned by the crossing should be used to find a solution to the loss to the economy misery for motorists in the surrounding areas caused by several hours of daily tailbacks and traffic chaos.

If you agree with the call for a dedicated recovery unit on the Dartford Crossing, make sure you sign this petition:

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