How many car crimes were there in my area? New research reveals UK’s car crime hot-spots

Are you living in one of the UK’s hot-spots for vehicle crime? Find out here.

Using research from 43 UK police forces, has revealed the areas most likely to suffer “theft from or of a vehicle or interference with a vehicle”.

UK Car crime hot-spots revealed

Use the following infographic to show the total number of vehicle crimes reported by 43 different police forces and constabularies across the UK in 2016.

Check your area here for car crime reports in 2016

Check your area here for car crime reports

Where not to park your car

Londoners face the biggest risk of car crime with a shocking 89,900 incidents recorded by the Metropolitan Police in 2016.

Following on from London, West Midlands cops recorded 29,106 crimes, followed by Greater Manchester Police with 24,298 illicit incursions into motors on its beat.

Safest places to park

While the Met cops recorded the UK’s highest rates of crime, the City of London Police had just 177 crimes to contend with. Dyfed-Powys Police recorded the next fewest cases of car crime, with 1,103.

When are you most likely to have your car targeted by crooks

Stats from the Office of National Statistics (ONS), reveal 71% of all vehicle-theft occurs during the week, with 43% occurring during the night.

Shockingly, 43% of all vehicle-related theft occurs because drivers fail to adequately lock their doors.


How to beat the car crooks

Here are a few tips on how to reduce your risk of being hit by car crooks.

Doors and windows – Make every effort to close all windows and fully lock the vehicle when leaving it at your own property, at work or elsewhere.

Valuable possessions – Remove all valuable possessions out of plain sight when not in the vehicle – especially money, wallets, purses and electronic items (including radio).

Parking – Always aim to park your vehicle in a well-lit area, as sufficient lighting will more than likely deter criminals and thieves from targeting your vehicle.

Airport parking – Only use a reputable parking firm that operates its own car parks, such as Rogue firms have been known to leave vehicles on unlit public streets.

Planning – If you’re making journeys to unfamiliar locations and sites, plan ahead to avoid driving through, and parking in any high crime areas.

Extra protection – A car alarm or steering wheel lock can go a long way in adding extra security for your vehicle.


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