Make it a holiday to interest!

There are many reasons why people go on holiday. Relaxation, seeing new sights, new faces, enjoying new sensations. Some people, however, want something a little different. They want to pursue their hobby but in a different environment.

For example, parachuting toward the rural British countryside is vastly different to parachuting toward the Nevada Desert. Sailing a dingy round the coast of Britain or sailing the same -or similar- type of boat toward the Great Barrier Reef is very different. Both are enjoyable, but seeing the Great Barrier Reef from your own boat? Wonderful!

And getting together with other people who enjoy the same leisure pursuits that you enjoy (writing, photography, cooking, painting, water skiing, abseiling, mountain climbing, etc., etc.) in an exotic and/or warm location must be an ideal holiday for the person that is really into their leisure pursuits.

How do you find out about this kind of leisure pursuit holiday? If there are any magazines that are published for your hobby, just look through the classified advert section. There you should find some adverts by people who offer the kind of holiday that you are looking for. Some hotels or guest complexes specialise in offering leisure pursuit holidays, so do keep an eye open for these, too.

Also, if you are a member of any specialist clubs or societies, there are newsletters that generally contain articles about such leisure pursuit holidays. In fact, some clubs or societies are known for organising such events themselves.

It is worthwhile, however, making sure that your insurances (general holiday and health) are adequate for your requirements. Go to the APH website to book your insurance. There’s never such a thing as too much insurance, though there have been several cases of people finding themselves tragically under-insured.

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