Know before you go – worldwide interactive guide to types and costs of public toilets, including if you’ll be squatting or sitting

When you’re on holiday a trip to a public toilet can be an intimidating journey. But with this handy interactive map you’ll be able to find out what to expect before you head off on your next travels.

The interactive map, using research by QS Supplies, reveals the sort of loo facilities you’ll encounter in countries around the world. It tells you how much spare change you’ll need to carry to spend a penny, what a public toilet is known as locally, if you’ll need your own loo roll and if you’ll be squatting or sitting.

For example, in the Philippines, a toilet is called Palikuran, will cost you 10 Philippine Peso (about £0.15), you may need your own toilet roll and you could find yourself sitting or squatting.

The data also reveals that around 49 per cent of the world’s public toilets are of the squatting variety, 43 per cent are sitting and eight per cent are basic ‘pits’.

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