June 8, 2017 General Election called – but how have the Conservatives measured up so far for holiday makers

With Theresa May calling a snap election for June 8, it’s time to have a look at how the Conservatives have – so far – delivered on their manifesto plans for Brits heading on their hols.

Brexit will have had an impact on their plans, but here’s a quick reminder what the Conservatives promised in their 2015 election policy document.

Conservative Party – what it promised in 2015


David Cameron was still at the helm in pre-Referendum Britain

Here’s what the Tories promised in 2015…

Fuel Duty

No direct reference was made to Fuel Duty, but with a track record of freezing rises in duty, the Tories seemed unlikely to increase this.

2017 Verdict

This is an area where they have delivered the goods. However, there’s bad news on the horizon for diesel drivers, it would seem. Look out for news of a diesel scrappage scheme to tempt the voters, perhaps?

Airport capacity

Disappointingly, the Conservatives took a non-committal stance on the future of increased airport capacity in the South East. The manifesto told us the Party would: ‘respond to the Airports Commission’s final report’.

2017 Verdict

Heathrow got the nod, but we’re no closer to getting additional runway capacity.

The subject won’t help them in many Tory seats in West London, either. They’ll also be mindful of Boris Johnson’s opposition and the by-election where Zac Goldsmith effectively lost the seat for the Tories by resigning over the Heathrow decision.

The snap election is likely to kick meaningful action on airport extension into the rather long grass.

Air Passenger Duty

No direct mention of this in the manifesto, but the Party had previously pledged to cut the tax on long-haul flights in 2016.

2017 Verdict

Rather than cut rates, they’ve increased them. See how the rates have changed since the 2015 election here.

Read the full 2015 Conservative manifesto here

Who would you vote for right now…


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