How? How can they leave that?

It’s easy to be absent minded. But some people seem to take it to extremes. Just take a look through these items left behind in holiday villas!

Passports, travel documents, car and house keys and money. Wads of dosh secured under the bed, the luggage. Even potentially life-saving medicines are simply left behind.

One Owners Direct property owner ( who lets out an apartment in Mallorca said: “One of our guests left behind a ladies handbag with ALL their travel documents in, money and prescription medicines. They missed their flight as they had to return to collect it.”

But some of the items left behind in holiday accommodation are, to be quite frank, just a bit, well, bizarre?

Bizarre items left behind in holiday accommodation include a pair of Father Christmas trousers and a beard, house deeds, a false leg (HOW?!) a bongo drum and a full sized rubber face mask of George Bush. There are also a surprising number of abandoned false teeth and toupees. Marital aids, contraception and risqué underwear are also left in the holiday accommodation on a very regular basis.

The apartment owner from Barcelona who greeted George Bush said: “The full head mask was fitted onto the end of a bolster cushion which had been propped up to look like a person. There was a speech bubble pinned to his chest and a written message from “Mr Bush” himself. This was left by a couple of traditionally republican voters who voted democrat for the first time when George Bush was finally voted out. It struck me that the apartment was an unlikely forum for political comment.”

Unwanted consumables include sun cream, perfumes, food and enough booze to stock a small bar.

Angela Southall, Marketing Manager for Owners Direct, which specialises in putting holidaymakers directly in touch with property owners worldwide says: “We were surprised just how many essential items are left behind by holiday guests, but the survey also highlighted how considerate and helpful our property owners are. They all reported doing their best to return items they had found. One of our advertisers of a gite in Normandy recalls carefully packaging up a very precious bear who got left behind with a little French flag from his extra holiday.”

Just so long as the only thing you leave behind is your car in the APH airport car park!

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