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Looking for some fun? Grab your passport and jump on the next plane to Chicago… it’s the fun capital of the world, according to new research from Time Out London.

Happy cities

Happy cities

Blowing away the competition of fun-filled counterparts around the world, the Windy City topped a global poll of more than 20,000 devoted hedonists. It scored highest for restaurants, bars and its neighbourhoods.

Chicago was also praised for its affordability and friendliness and best work-life balance.

If you’re looking to travel a little further to satisfy the thirst for fun, heading Down Under to Melbourne will present the next best option for international joviality.

Moving on from Melbourne, fun-seekers can head to Lisbon in third place, followed by New York, Mexico City, Brazil’s Sao Paolo, Los Angeles and Barcelona.

Stay-at-home Brits can head to the capital to enjoy the fun its 10th place in the global research brings. Longer working hours take the blame for its relatively lowly position, according to ‘indigenous’ inhabitants.

It’s not all grey suits in London, though, with many making the most of their working life – with around 30% saying some of their closest friends are colleagues – and one in 5 admit to getting a lot more than just ‘friendly’ with other workers ‘in the office’…

How much of a global fun-hunter are you?

See how much of an international fun-seeker you are by taking this quiz. Can you match the ‘fun-making’ fact to the city?

Most-fun cities in the world

Here are the top 18 global good-time cities…

4.New York
6.Mexico City
7.Sao Paolo
8.Los Angeles
11.Hong Kong
18.Kuala Lumpur

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