Are You Inspired To Travel?

Two high profile TV travel adverts launched last week, promoting very different ways in which to spend our holidays. On the one hand we had Stephen Fry and Julie Walters bestowing the virtues of the “staycation”, all Giant’s Causeway, lambs and bunting. “No passports, no jabs, no visas, no euros” – and no mention of the traffic jams either… And then we had the launch of Thomas Cook’s latest advert “It’s a wonderful world” set to a new version of the classic track of the same name. Much more high-energy sun, sea, city breaks and experiences than the typical “bucket and spade” Thomas Cook of old. But which advert inspires you to travel most? Will either help you decide where to spend your one or two week holiday this year? Get inspired to travel now!

Holidays at Home – get inspired to travel around Britain for your holiday this year.

It Is A Wonderful World – get inspired to explore the globe on your next holiday!

If you still need to get inspired for your holiday take a look at the flights from top UK airports – and don’t forget to book your airport parking and hotels for a stress-free start to your trip!

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