How safe is your driving route this Black Friday? Enter your start and finish points to find out

Planning a trip onto the UK’s roads as Black Friday fires the starting pistol for Christmas 2017? A new interactive map reveals the accident hot-spots to avoid on your route.

Avoid accidents hot-spots on your route

Avoid accidents hot-spots on your route

The map, created by Co-op Insurance, tells drivers where collisions have occurred, so they can plan alternative routes to stay as safe as possible on crowded roads.

With motor insurance claims forecast to increase by 18 per cent over the coming Black Friday weekend, it’s clear why drivers need to plan the safest routes.

The map colour codes routes from yellow to orange to red based on the number of collisions reported across England over the past 12 months.

The tool uses the Department for Transport’s data relating to road traffic collisions, of which 123,353 were reported across England in the last 12 months.**

Of these, 25,157 occurred in London, 22,179 took place in the South East and 13,497 were reported in the East of England.

Find out how risky your route is here?

Enter your route in the tool below to spot the danger hot-spots.

Nick Ansley, Head of Motor Insurance at the Co-op commented: “Our claims data shows year on year that Black Friday’s sales do lead to greater traffic on the road and therefore, more incidents.

“Our aim is to help keep people safe on the roads and our new tool is another way we’re hoping to do just that. The new online tool will allow drivers to plan and make informed choices about their driving routes, where possible avoiding areas where most incidents occur.”

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