Heading to the USA? Make sure you’re not taking any items that could see you delayed and result in missing your flight!

If you’ve got an upcoming trip to the USA, you’ll need to plan ahead and pack properly to make your holiday stress-free. With many strict rules on what items you can and can’t fly with to the US, you’ll want to check out the following lists to ensure you don’t get caught out.

We’ve collected the items you might need to know about before trying to hop on a flight to America, including a list of the strange and unlikely items you may find yourself needing to pack, including antlers, fidget spinners and lightsabers…

The items you’ll want to check you can fly with before departing for the US:

All the following items are taken from the Transport Security Administration (TSA) website. You can find more information on its website, including any special instructions you may have to follow for specific items.

Please note that the final decision rests with the TSA officer on whether an item is permitted through the checkpoint.

Item Cabin? Checked?
Canes Yes Yes
Canned foods Yes (special instructions) Yes
Christmas crackers No No
Christmas lights Yes Yes
Creamy dips and spreads Yes (<100ml) Yes
Cremated remains Yes (special instructions) Yes
E-liquids Yes (<100ml) Yes
Electronic cigarettes and vaping devices Yes No
Fishing pole Yes Yes
Flashlight Yes (special instructions) Yes
Foam toy sword No Yes
Full sized video game consoles Yes Yes
Gravy Yes (<100ml) Yes
Guitar Yes (special instructions) Yes (special instructions)
Hummus Yes (<100ml) Yes
Inhalers Yes (special instructions) Yes
Knitting needles Yes Yes
Laptops Yes Yes
Live fish Yes No
Magic 8 ball No Yes
Nerf gun No Yes
Party poppers No No
Peanut butter Yes (<100ml) Yes
Power banks Yes Yes
Remote controlled cars Yes Yes
Safety matches Yes No
Samsung Galaxy Note 7 No No
Selfie stick Yes Yes
Snow globe Yes (<100ml) Yes
Sparklers No No
Toy robots Yes Yes
Walking sticks No Yes
Water gun No Yes
Wedding dress Yes (special instructions) Yes (special instructions)

The strange items the TSA thinks we need to know about…

Ever thought that one day you might need to fly with your Harry Potter wand to the USA? Well, luckily the TSA say you can take it with you in both cabin and checked luggage…

Item Cabin? Checked?
Adult toys Yes Yes
Antlers Yes Yes
Artificial skeleton bones Yes Yes
Bang snaps No No
Billy clubs No Yes
Bowling balls Yes Yes
Cheese (creamy) Yes (<100ml) Yes
Christmas lights Yes Yes
Dynamite No No
Fidget spinners Yes Yes
Foam toy sword No Yes
Fresh eggs Yes Yes
Hand grenades No No
Harry Potter wand Yes Yes
Lightsaber Yes Yes
Live coral Yes No
Live lobster Check with airline Yes
Nunchucks No Yes
Parachutes Yes (special instructions) Yes (special instructions)
Pizza Yes Yes
Rainbow flame crystals No Yes
Rocks Yes Yes
Shoe horn Yes Yes
Stuffed animals Yes Yes
Tortilla press Yes Yes
Vacuum robots Yes Yes
Waffle iron Yes Yes

The item I need to know about isn’t on the list? What can I do?

Check out the full list on the TSA website. If you still can’t find the items you’re looking for, simply take a picture of the item not listed and send your questions to AskTSA on Facebook or Twitter.


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