What happens to your suitcase at the airport? Watch the video here

Ever wondered what happens to your bags between waving them goodbye at the check-in desk to grabbing them back from the carousel on your arrival?

Follow the journey of a suitcase making its way from plane to carousel with this fascinating behind-the-scenes video.

How to avoid lost luggage on flights

Here are our top five tips to ensure your luggage has the same holiday plans as you when it joins the plane…

1. Fly on a single plane – if possible

Statistics show that 45% of lost or delayed baggage recorded in 2015 occurred on flights that involved changing planes. Keep those aircraft switches to a minimum to avoid those glitches at the carousel.

2. Keep electronics in your hand luggage where possible

Many insurance companies don’t cover expensive electronic goods in checked luggage – and if they do, the amount paid won’t be enough to cover the value of what you’ve lost. Keep your devices in hand luggage where possible. Use this guide to check the latest rules on carrying electronic goods in the cabin.

3. Put your details inside the luggage, too

Lost tags can be reason why your luggage goes missing in the first place, so it’ll need to be opened up to find out who it belongs to. Most travellers won’t have anything in their case to make this possible – leaving no hope of a happy reunion with their smalls. Putting a copy of your itinerary in the case could help ensure it’s returned sooner rather than later.

4. Take photos and list contents

This could help provide proof the case is yours and speed up the reunification process. Take a few snaps of the case and its contents on your mobile.

5. Check-in as early as possible

Getting your bags from check-in to the plane’s hold is not a simple process – as you’ll see from the video above. Arriving on time will lessen the risk of your bags taking a wrong turn. Make sure you plan your airport parking in advance to increase your chances of making it to the terminal on time. Consider meet and greet parking.

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