Getting to the airport… make sure your car’s helping out


Need to save a little time as you head to the airport car park to grab your flight? Make sure you give your motor a quick scrub the night before you travel, according to research from tyre manufacturer Continental…


The study concludes more than 16 million drivers judge counterparts on the colour, type and cleanliness of car they’re driving. It seems anything from a grimy paintjob to an innocuous bumper sticker could affect how courteously or aggressively other road users act towards you.

Having a ‘flash’ motor won’t help your chances of getting to the airport on time, either; with fellow drivers refusing to let you out at junctions because they assume you think ‘you’re it’. However, giving your car an outing to the car wash could help slash valuable minutes while attempting to pull out of that busy junction – by appeasing the 34% of drivers who won’t go out of their way to help anyone in a grubby car.

Other reasons for leaving you stewing at junctions include towing a caravan, driving a bus – or simply allowing yourself to succumb to nature and become a pensioner.

It’s not all bad news, though; looking out for a driver who’s piloting the same make and model should result in 27% of them giving you favourable treatment.

Your car and what it’s saying to other drivers

Anyone who thought inanimate objects don’t have a voice should think again… it seems your car’s getting highly vocal about you… Here’s a full rundown of what it’s saying…

Driving survey


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