Fun In the Sand Day: Top 10 British sandcastle beaches

It’s Fun in the Sand Day, so why not celebrate by heading to the coast and enjoying our glorious beaches with a spot sandcastle construction?

The places to be for sandcastle fans

The places to be for sandcastle fans


Building great sandcastles isn’t just about buckets and cheap plastic spades! As boffins from Bournemouth University point out: ‘”Too much water and the sand will liquefy. Too little water and the sand won’t bind.”

In fact, building the perfect sandcastle is a precise science and comes with its own scary-looking formula… Competitive dads should write this down on their iPhone right now.

Formula for perfect sandcastles: OW0.125 x s.

For those of us who run and bury our head in the sand when faced by anything remotely related to mathematics, the brain-heavy bods from Bournemouth University have done all the hard work and revealed the top 10 beaches for building sandcastles. Just check out the graphic at the top of this page.


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