Freshen up your driving – the new car air fresheners that could reduce road rage, travel sickness and prevent falling asleep behind the wheel revealed

If you suffer from road rage, travel sickness or drowsiness behind the wheel, then freshening up your motor with a specific scent could be the answer.

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Is it time for a new air freshener? Image credit: Tony Alter

Certain combinations of smells could combat these common driver issues, new research from Leasing Options has revealed.

The study of more than 1,000 motorists found that common driving experiences including: road rage, stress, drowsiness, nervousness and travel sickness, can all be improved by specific air freshener scents.

Five new scents were created and then tested against each of the common issues motorists experienced from behind the wheel.

The results showed the combination of pine needles and freshly cut grass had a positive effect on nerves, while a strange combination of lavender, lemon and burnt rubber smells could help reduce the chance of road rage.

A mix of ginger and peppermint eased feelings of travel sickness and a mix of pink grapefruit and cinnamon could help to prevent drowsiness.

The strangest of the five was an air freshener containing a combination of citrus bergamot and sweet marjoram aromas, which showed it could help reduce stress.

Air freshener aromas to improve your driving experience

  • Pink grapefruit and cinnamon –improve sleepiness
  • Ginger and peppermint – Combat nausea
  • Lavender, lemon and burnt rubber – Counter road rage
  • Pine needles and fresh-cut grass – reduce nervousness
  • Bergamot and sweet marjoram – alleviate stress

On the other hand, previous research has revealed that some unpleasant smells can reverse the effects of air fresheners, resulting in drivers becoming stressed. Furthermore, eating sweets and chocolate, although make you happy, can distract you from driving.

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