France bans use of mobile phones even when parked at the side of roads… get the full details here

Drivers heading to France need to know they’ll now be banned from using their mobile phone – even if  they’ve pulled over and turned their hazard lights on.

New laws apply in France - find out more here

New laws apply in France – find out more here


It’s already illegal to use a handheld phone or earphones while driving, but the new ban means drivers face a fine of €135 (£120) if caught using their phones anywhere other than in a designated parking area.

Here’s all you need to know…

What is the new ban?

Drivers can no longer simply pull over and use a handheld phone at the side of the road.

Where can I use a phone?

Hands-free phones can be used – but not ones that rely on a earphone as they’re illegal. Handheld phones can only be used in officially designated car parking areas.

What about if I breakdown?

It’s okay to use your phone if your car has broken down.

What is the fine?

Motorists flouting the new rules can be fined €135 (£120). French drivers will also get points, but these cannot be transferred to Brit licences.

Any info on driving with mobile phones elsewhere in Europe?

Yes – click here to get the lowdown.

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